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HaveBlue83 Reader
4/22/16 10:31 p.m.

Weird.....i posted a reply in here. Now its gone. Hmmm...

Car is doing great.

Cliff notes:

I ordered and got in megan toe arms for the alignment.

Fortune auto refused to make me coilovers and blew me off in a generic email after talking to them online about me running mirage coils on my coupe.

K sport said their lancer coils wont fit my mirage, but at least i can buy them without them refusing to sell them to me.

Ps both sets WILL fit. These mfg are just ignorant to coupes. Its the same suspension setup. Exactly the same.

I am looking to do a 1g awd trans with a welded ctr diff and 1g awd front axles for a drivetrain refresh.

HaveBlue83 Reader
5/10/16 10:11 p.m.

Went to check out a 1g awd trans......fluid was clear then had a bunch of grey sludge that stuck to a magnet. Didnt like tha or the lack of Motor mounts. I also dont know what starter i could use or if the bellhousing would acceptnthe mirge starter and my flywheel. Not sure if the geometry is the same.

I might end up getting a 2g trans and reusing my 1.8l diff if i can and keep the 1.8 mirage axles i have. They are oem and have been flawless.

Car is still running well. During my checks i saw my muffler (only part of the catback that isnt SS) had a hole in it around the welds. I chopped it off and went with a straight pipe. Sounds pretty mean. I will have that welded on this week.

I also did rear toe arms and i FINALLY got the ass end alignment better. Not sketchy anymote. Really makes the car handle again.

Just those changes so far. Its doing well tho :D

Ross413 Reader
5/10/16 10:27 p.m.

In reply to HaveBlue83:

Auto x Saturday just below Newark De. It will be a blast, drag that beast out!

HaveBlue83 Reader
5/11/16 7:36 a.m.

In reply to Ross413:

Oh this isnt a good car for that at all lol. The fiesta is. This one needs coilovers, a rear swaybar and stock cams for auto x. Also, the engine swap would really mess up the class. I have zero idea what it would be in lol.

beans Dork
5/11/16 1:03 p.m.

In reply to HaveBlue83:

Probably SMF

Ross413 Reader
5/11/16 7:53 p.m.
HaveBlue83 wrote: In reply to Ross413: Oh this isnt a good car for that at all lol. The fiesta is. This one needs coilovers, a rear swaybar and stock cams for auto x. Also, the engine swap would really mess up the class. I have zero idea what it would be in lol.

All the same issues here, ha. Crown Vic with swapped trans and outclassed in every way. Killing cones is fun, any how you look at it. It is always fun to see the WAY overpowered cars run, awkward turn, POWAH, awkward turn, POWAH, repeat. Great fun.

Thanks Ross

HaveBlue83 Reader
8/22/16 7:03 a.m.

UPDATE: so, 2 months ago i ripped 7 teeth off 3rd gear after a pull. i milked it home with so many awesome noises lol.

nutshell: 2g turbo eclipse fwd trans is in and i have 500mi on the swap so far. was pretty easy to do. i got info on what axles to use and after that it was easy.

the new TOB is being noisey but everything works and the trans feels great :)

i will update with pics n stuffs. sept 10th i will be in philly for Mitsu owners day as well.

act 2600 and ACT street lite 2g fwd flywheel...freshly redone

2g trans with notched top for mirage mount

axles used: 1g awd ouer with 2g inner cup and a 2g fwd pass side. bolts in. just one cup swap!

HaveBlue83 Reader
7/24/17 7:32 p.m.

UPDATE: car was down for 3 MONTHS.

TURNS OUT the tune moved the global fuel and retuned itself for 900cc injectors...overnight.

ripped it all apart looking for antrhjng but tune issues...and today it is finally 100% again. what a wild ride.

and now its in a buddies garage 10min from me, no more 3hr drive to see it.

i also got new wheels...konig backbones in 16x7 with firestone 205/45s. love em!

yupididit Dork
7/24/17 10:22 p.m.

I swear all the real DSM folks are from the north east LoL

I'm pretty sure I used to give you crap for post whoring your panda 2g ball in the day

StayOne_Benz New Reader
7/25/17 11:27 a.m.

This is awesome. Now off to craigslist... I've always been a fan of DSMs and now a buddy of mine opened as shop here in Phoenix so parts are always close. He's been building DSMs for the last 10+ years, and chances are, if you own a dsm in the PHX area, your car is in his shop haha. He's doing a built 4g63 Mirage hatchback sleeper along side of his racecar 2g tsi build. The Summit/evo looks like a very cool project, and I need a project.

corsepervita HalfDork
7/25/17 12:33 p.m.

Reading through this was 10x more entertaining than if it had been an Evo IMO. I enjoy seeing people do their own fab work and coming up with interesting solutions for things that otherwise probably wouldn't be done. I like seeing people built things because other people don't. More interesting journey, in my opinion.

vazbmw HalfDork
7/25/17 5:59 p.m.

Thanks for pointing to this awesome build. I loved reading through it.

HaveBlue83 Reader
7/25/17 7:23 p.m.

oh snaps they featured my build thread! better get some more pics in this place lol. i still need to do some maint stuff but i this garage allows me to coean it up and keep it clean much easier! inside is good to go now :)

fixed the broken exhaust hanger issue and my pipe hitting on the integra rear swaybar as well. i cant weld but itd SOLID now! used 2 threaded frame rail holes for mounting and an autozone clamp and bracket assy. that engine really throws it around when i beat on it lol

ok i went through and added pics where needed. sorry i was slacking!

onemanarmy New Reader
7/26/17 10:12 a.m.

no more bronze wheels? Thought you loved those (and they did look good)

so how do you keep water from being funneled into the air filter?

HaveBlue83 Reader
7/26/17 3:26 p.m.

i might actually go to bronze soon. i bought black so i could go that route easily.....lol

i run the filter up in the bay now. not worth it with rain. i liked it down low but now im gonna just make a scoop to let air flow up to the filter, rather than having the filter that low. just one of the things i get to tinker with in the garage!

5 years of fun! ...and some bullspit. lol

spandak New Reader
7/28/17 3:38 p.m.

This is the COOLEST build. I had a friend in highschool that had a GS-T that was relatively stock and still blew my mind. That motor is so eager and so willing. This build has captured my imagination. I might have to give it a whirl one day. It seems like such a blast of a car for so little money... love it

Txsilverbalt New Reader
7/28/17 7:32 p.m.

I love seeing DSMs on this site, gives me inspiration to get my 2ga back on the road

HaveBlue83 Reader
7/28/17 8:51 p.m.

thx guys :D

decided...at random...to do a fmic duct piece to help guide air into the FMIC. its simple, it was free, and it took only a few hours to fab up, rivet on and paint up. its nothing pretty but it should help grab some air now. thoughts? i tried to make it subtle. the bottom fins are bent down a lil bit to scoop air as well.

mbruneaux Reader
7/28/17 10:37 p.m.

You r build looks great, been following since the beginning.

Would be great to know if you notice a difference, planning to do the same on my Conquest. Seems like a few pieces of plastic or tin would contribute greatly to flow air where it needs to be instead of being pushed in all directions.

HaveBlue83 Reader
7/29/17 11:54 p.m.

yeah i hope it does some good.

i weapped the SS downpipe....the flex isnt SS so that needs to be left exposed. but the part that i wanted is covered. I love header wrap :)

i wemt put and did pulls with an E85 mmodded EVO X.....got him by a few cars...and i think i fried alternator #4 from the speed runs. its at 12.5v and wont charge. I just bought a saturn 96amp alt and im gonna do the swap this week. tired of these 65amp CRAP mitsu alts!!!

stay tuned.

HaveBlue83 Reader
8/4/17 7:52 p.m.

HOW TO: 93-99 sat 1.9L sc1/sedan alt in a DSM:

Plug wiring connections...FWIW mine was a 95 2g harness and i chipped off the plug. thick red - thick S wire thin (mine was green) to L wire.

pigtail for Saturn ALT: PT200 at advanced auto

grind block and oil pump case to be lile the right side of the out case bolt hole. snaller DIA needed to clear. grint alt to be flat btn bolt holes.

i now see 13.5v cycling at IDLE.

hope this helps people find a cure for burning up alts! i also just wrapped my downpipe to assist with temps for the new alt.

HaveBlue83 Reader
8/14/17 9:11 p.m.

so this new alt is badass. its taken prolly 10 125mph speed runs and a weeks worth of fun drives. volts are 13.5-14 all day driving. lights are bright. i added a gauge in a fused switch straight from the batt to watch it directly. my turbo timer was showing .5v low sometimes and now i have a direct line.

this car is badly in need of coilvers. I have decided to invest in some FEAL Suspension 441's made for an EVO I-III and done for my car. i have to get it corner weighted to get proper spring rates and all that. FEAL comes stock with swift springs.

after that, its new bushings in the susp parts and a feont swaybar/rear upgrade and then it will handle like it should.

HaveBlue83 Reader
10/26/17 7:59 a.m.

In reply to HaveBlue83 :

left wheel bearing went out. i have a local shop swapping a new one in for me. Im not near the press i used last time. it is done today but im waiting on lower control arms and tie rod ends to finish the job. they were both SHOT. 220k miles worth of driving. 

I tried installing 1g front shovks but my 2g dsm axle is too long and wont allow the DS shock to mount. so DSM susp is out. my engine is over 1" to the DS (thats just where it wanted to sit) and it looks like there just isnt room. 


also, I finally got my Snow stage 1 meth kit installed and im running 50/50 boost juice. I went from 10.8afr and 19-20psi and 22deg timing to 11.5-11.8afr, 23psi, 19deg timing. It comes on 100% at 10psi. I wired the pump on and low fluid lights intonthe cluster so its OEM + now. it got a lot faster. I can do back to back to back pulls all day in the heat and it never gets hot. I've done 140mph about 25 times with ease. I haven't seen actual knock in weeks. I pulled on a 35r eclipse gst making 400 range too. 



HaveBlue83 Reader
10/9/19 8:05 p.m.

Im still here! car is still doing well. 


Im still spraying meth, still on the E3 turbo. it finally went after 7 years and prolly 40k mi. i had it redome into a custom billet 20g downfiring setup, and the terrible builder didnt even balance it, and in one month it ate itself!! i had it redone back into a STOCK OEM E3 turbo again. 

i redid the calipers in good red brake paint. the brush on type. they look great! 

someone drive into me recently, but all i got was some rubber down my femder and some panels out of place. its all fixed. 

i just pulled the carpet out tonight and loomed the wire harness to keep it safe. the car weighs 2200lbs even now. light!


i have a Full 3" turboback system ready to go. megan muffler, 304ss 3" polished pipe, and a 2g awd downpipe. soon ill get it all together. should really get the turbo breathing better up top!


im getting a euro rear bumper from ireland soon, andnu cleaned up the rear area for it. found some way old rippled area from somone hitting something, so i straighted and cleaned it all up. 

just wanted an update! 


engiekev Reader
10/10/19 8:45 a.m.

Awesome build!  Keep it FWD for that low weight, pretty much impossible to get an AWD DSM to that number.  Must be a hoot on the street.


Good motivation to finish my 1G too laugh

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