9/7/12 6:58 p.m.

i have a 99 pontiac sunfire, it has a 2.2 engine an it runs good driving it but when i sit at idle it shakes or vibrates. at first it was trying to cut off with me so i had new spark plugs put in an it stopped the cutting off. an when i had my oil changed i have the filter changed, an the fuel line was cleaned. it does not rev up out of no where an it hasnt been trying to cut off with me since the plugs have been replaced but it is still vibrating an there is not loud noise or anything. i have advance auto hook it up an check the battery , altinator an the starter an they are fine. im confused on what else it could be. its not vilently shaking but you can defly tell its shaking or vibrating. ok so i have replaced the spark plugs an the spark plug wires. the fuel filter an the air filter an the oil filter have been replaced.

so i was woundering if anyone else could help me out with what could be wrong. thank you

thedude Reader
9/8/12 12:53 a.m.

Check vacuum lines

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