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Javelin MegaDork
12/10/18 12:19 p.m.

I picked up an old full-size Bronco for $500 non-running from a car lot, it was a trade-in that they couldn't figure out how to fix.

metallitubby New Reader
12/20/18 9:13 a.m.

2003 Element 2wd/AT being converted for Rallycross and Autocross usage using the current Civic Type R engine as the basis for power through a Quaife sequential gearbox and all the associated accoutrements.


scotsman7 None
12/20/18 4:35 p.m.
  I'm hoping that someone can send me the bolt hole dimensions and pattern for either the Mazda F2T engine block to bell house for the Mazda 4-EAT 4 speed automatic transmission, or the bell housing bolt hole dimensions and pattern alone.
If I can get that information, I can have an adapter plate made up for the following engine swap:
The car: my 1989 Ford Probe 2 Fastback
The transmission:  a 1991 Mazda 4-EAT heavy duty electronically  controlled 4 speed automatic
The engine: my 1961 Oldsmobile 215 CID aluminum V8.
The car has been modified with a full Automotive Techniques suspension system -- 2.5 in shorter,, heavier wire springs on all four corners and much larger diameter roll bars front and rear with special bushings.  The car sites lower and has a slight nose down rake and with its presently installed  larger BF Goodrich TA Radials, so that the car looks like a small NASCAR race car.
The HP and torque figures for the stock Olds V8 engine is almost a match for the 1991 Ford Probe GT  which is turbo / intercooled -- which I also own -- so I know what the results would end up being.
The V8 engine weight and engine block length dimension are really close, so the car's driving ability would not be inpaired and can be bolted into place using modified Probe V6 engine mounts along with a custom front mount.
The '91 GT 4-EAT transmssion swap into the '89 Probe LX  is a straight replacement "bolt-in" .  The 4-EAT has been said to have handled up to 500 HP, and the '61 Olds 215 V8 can be easily modified for both HP and torque increases.  Also, Ford  Racing has parts for turning the '89 into an all-wheel drive car if needed.
The exhaust headers has been designed much like the stock Probe V6 design, and a Flowmaster "two in / two out" catalytic converter, custom X pipe, and two small sized Flowmaster mufflers will then connect into a custom "two in one" dual exhaust pipe made out of a single modified oval NASCAR type exhaust pipe.  The oval pipe will be sliced vertically into two pieces with first a steel vertical diaphragm welded to the right hand piece, making up a "D" configuration.  Then the remaining piece is re-welded to the back of the diaphragm piece thus making two separate exhaust tubes enclosed in a single oval tube.  This special tube will split out above the right rear suspension area into two separate exhausts -- which the '89 already has in place.
I'm hoping that folks on this site will help me with this build by finding the information I'm asking about.
I'm a 74 year old partially disabled US Navy Vietnam era vet and this build is on my bucket list.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Scott McKie -- scotsman7@comcast.net            

Building something cool? Then here's the place to share it with the rest of the class.

Start a thread, post lots of pics, and have fun.

Thanks for joining us.


Javelin MegaDork
1/3/19 10:17 a.m.
1/3/19 9:52 p.m.

Hey guys my frist post here still learning to navigate the site properly hope im in the right place. I need some advice i am looking at buying a track/street car and i have a rough idea of what i like but not really sure what is going to be practical as im still a novice driver and i will be doing most the work my self which will be a learning curve for me as i have not done much work other than normal maintenance and service on my cars. With that being said i have been looking at getting either an r32 or a 300zx tt that has damage or no rego then rebuilding and tuning up the engine it has. eventually turning it into a dedicated track car and having my other car to take out on street cruises ect both of those i can find for around 4k/8k and parts are very common for both cars where i live. The second option i was looking at is picking up either an e36 bmw or some sort of Mercedes then dropping either a 1jz or 2jz in keeping it road legal so i can visit track days and also go street cruises.

Q1. To attend track days do i need saftey equipment that isnt legal in a street car (australia) 

Q2. Is an engine swap into one of these cars cost effective compared to the power i can get out of an r32 with a few tastefull mods 

Q3. How do i know im picking the right shell for my engine of choice (1jz) how do i figure out if its going to fit and what things should i be taking into account when choosing a shell 

Datsun510zen New Reader
1/4/19 2:11 a.m.

Long time reader, but this is my first post here on Grassroots ya'll. Did a little project on my car the folks either love, or politely say "That's interesting". I installed mini Halogen projector beam headlights in a 70s classic... I know, sacrilegious right. 

So I have a very updated highly modified Datsun 510 autocross car I've been wrenching on for years. It has parts from 7 different cars, 5 different manufactures and countless after market venders. Literally the only thing still stock is the main uni-body shell, rear cross member, trialing arms, and some of the body's electrical system, but even those parts are modified. I got the car as a built rolling chassis race car, so it had a full roll cage and race suspension, but no drive train motor, trans, shaft, differential, axles, or interior. My goal was never restore it, but to embrace a minimalist stripped down look of just the basic shape and small iconic visual cues that make it a 510 like the grill, C pillar vents, and tail light frames. All the chrome was either removed, powder coated satin black, or replaced by carbon fiber. The idea being kind of a design concept car version of the 510 where even the badging, key holes and sidelights have been shaved. 

One of the iconic identifiers is the 510's 4 headlight grill, the only rub being all four of the old 5 5/8" sealed beam lights suck. And to be honest, it didn't fit the clean modern esthetic I wanted. Snooping around looking for options I came across these 2" sealed Halogen projector pods that have both low and high beam units. I figured I could make some kind brackets to hold them in the dished light housing. Turns out the mount screws on the pods fit right over the inner lip of the housing so all I had to do is drill three 1/4" holes in the lip, and Ta Done! I can even adjust the lights with the stock headlight housing. To maintain a bit of the four eyed look I kept the stainless steel glamour ring that held the old lights in place. Nothing I would ever do to a near stock car, but I think it fits mine quite well.

The stock 510 electrical system is not up to the job of powering these lights, so I needed to install a relayed power source and heavier gage wire. I used the old headlight power as the relay trigger and it's good to go.





End result of this swap is I'm getting a massive increase in brightness and a super crisp cutoff line on the low beam. Also gets much more cool airflow feeding the intake, and I think the dome lens on the lights look kind of menacing peaking out from the dark front end.



Mr. New Reader
1/4/19 11:57 a.m.

In reply to David S. Wallens :

New to this forum and posting for the first time.  I just got back after a 4+year restoration/modification of my '72 De Tomaso Pantera.  I wasn't driving it at all about 5 years ago after I bought my 5.0L Jaguar XKR and decided that either I make it more user friendly so that I would drive it or I sell it (which I really didn't want to do).  What started out as a simple carburetor to fuel injection swap ended up with a new 500+hp engine, all new leather interior with C-4 Corvette seats, new respray, flush windshield glass, and a whole host of other upgrades.  I've driven it more in the last three weeks than in the 5 years prior to the restoration.  Still a few little things to do, but not preventing me from having some fun.  Finally!

mdawley New Reader
1/31/19 11:47 a.m.

In reply to David S. Wallens : And I have a story to go with this one! 

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