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onemanarmy New Reader
10/23/17 1:36 p.m.

will be following.

on my list of cars to buy

midniteson Reader
10/24/17 1:16 a.m.

Apparently the Germans got an even cooler Tercel. The Tercel Allrad, and it definitely is Rad. It sports a different front end, and optional factory style winch bumper. Freaking awesome! I am loving all these 80's ads


 I have plans for a harbor freight version in the works...




Powar UltraDork
10/24/17 7:06 a.m.

That integrated winch is a work of art.

onemanarmy New Reader
10/24/17 8:38 a.m.

so rad.


I'd love to see how the winch hook is stowed and where/what the winch controls looked like

Xceler8x UberDork
10/24/17 1:47 p.m.

In reply to onemanarmy :

The winch controls looked like this. 

I think they were inspired by Voltron when they were designed. 

midniteson Reader
10/24/17 7:05 p.m.

In reply to Xceler8x :

Lmao! I am sure that is correct. Man i loved Voltron.


GCrites80s New Reader
10/24/17 7:41 p.m.

Activate interlocks! Dynatherms connected! Intracells up! Megathrusters are go!

midniteson Reader
10/27/17 10:30 p.m.

Let my friend take Mr T out for a cruise, Driving a slow car as fast as you can is surprisingly satisfying.  Got to plan wayyy ahead lol. Still cant beat on this thing without smiling.

Took advantage of the beautiful fall weather today to, drain and refill the cooling system, to get this thing ready for the Freezing temps that will hit soon. Cant wait for the first Snowfall! 


maschinenbau HalfDork
10/28/17 1:32 p.m.

Not sure if you've heard...but the $2018 Challenge sub-class is going to be wagons...

midniteson Reader
10/28/17 2:32 p.m.

In reply to maschinenbau :

Oh man! wish i was closer. the haul from Washington to Florida is far to0 great for my income unfortunately. 

I do however intend to take this thing to the closest Rally Cross i can find this Winter.

I found this Awesome commercial from the U.S.A  boasting 42mpg highway. The Tercel apparently had an option to turn it amphibious, and climb a Glacier! 

This vehicle never ceases to amaze lol.


midniteson Reader
11/3/17 1:11 a.m.

Got around to ordering some airshocks. Monroe MA700's are a bolt in affair. 

Should help keep the tires from rubbing in the rear. Right now with a passenger in the back, and a loaded up cooler etc. the spacers cant keep up.

ill get some longer springs for it down the road...

midniteson Reader
12/2/17 8:02 p.m.

Still haven't gotten around to installing the air shocks.  Mr T has been pushed into daily service since Gramps my 1999 Toyota Camry got stolen and totaled.

More on that here...https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/build-projects-and-project-cars/black-betty-99-camry-5spd-the-tale-of-two-appliances/134754/page1/


It's going to take me a while to get Motor's swapped for my new daily. probably wait until spring.

Looks like this will be my beater with a heater this winter. Was going to save it just for snow days but Crap happens.

Can't wait until it snows...I need to fix my ebrake devil

ssswitch Dork
12/2/17 10:43 p.m.

Sucks that someone stole your Camry, but at least the Tercel is getting some solid use.

midniteson Reader
12/13/17 1:22 a.m.

So since being pressed into daily driver duty, Mr T has been running well even in the morning where the temps dip into the high 20s. 

Today, after work, the car died, in the parking lot and would not crank. The charge light had been flickering the last few days, . jump start and a quick check with a multimeter confirmed my suspicions. 

The Alternator took a crap, and was replaced very easily with a lifetime warranty unit from O'reilly's


Did the work outside at a friends house. The portable drop light set up is somthing he built himself...and it is awesome, just  hook some clamps to a car battery and good to go. Definitley on my to do list.


midniteson Reader
12/16/17 8:05 p.m.

Tercel has been performing well, and daily driven. Fires up real quick even with temps in the 20's every morning. heater and even rear defroster work great!

With the Recent theft of my 99 camry, And how easy it is to steal an older 80's toyota i decided to go cheap old school and simple with my theft deterrent system.

It will also come in handy when i want to warm up the car in front of my house in the morning. The Stick shift/Club Combo should deter most crap bag idiots. 

This car is very sentimental, hard to find in this condition,  and not an appliance to me, so i would be extra pissed if it was stolen.

Damn thieves.

Crackers Dork
12/16/17 8:39 p.m.

That work light is cool, what are those, fog lights or something? 

I have one of those double 500w with a bad switch I might rig up like this if I can find some cheap take off fog lights.  

midniteson Reader
12/17/17 1:13 a.m.

In reply to Crackers :

He installed some LED lights inside the housing of the drop light. 


Crackers Dork
12/17/17 9:40 a.m.

Much better idea.

Off to eBay!!

Mr. Lee
Mr. Lee UberDork
12/17/17 11:16 a.m.

Good Stuff!!!!

FYI you can get similar style LED lights off amazon fairly cheaply. Planning a shop build for the spring and looking at lighting when I found em. LOTS of ideas. laugh

pinchvalve MegaDork
12/17/17 11:24 a.m.

I see one of those in my neighborhood every December 25th...




andxx0r New Reader
12/17/17 10:04 p.m.

I haven't seen one of these in so many years.  In4MOAR. 

midniteson Reader
12/21/17 2:17 a.m.

Had to address some Rubbing issues with the bigger tires. Nothing a Big hammer couldn't handle. i can now turn really tight with minimal rubbing. I removed the inner mud guards that you can see the rub mark son in the photo.

I will probably run fender flares for the front, when i get bigger more aggresive tires down the road.

midniteson Reader
12/21/17 2:21 a.m.

In reply to pinchvalve :

That is an awesome shot. Hopefully we will get some snow soon where i live, so i  can Drift Around like Santa.

I will definitely get some pics to post when it finally does. 

midniteson Reader
12/22/17 12:50 a.m.

While pounding out the inner fenders, i got a chance to get under the car and scope for rust...

Not what i was expecting when seeing this sticker on the back



Picture makes it tough to see, but Brunswick toyota Is in Maine.

This thing has been form the very Northeast, to the very Northwest. 

When i saw that sticker on the back i was worried there was going to be hidden rust.

but none in sight. It has a newer catback exhaust on it. as well.

Mr. T must have made his way West early in his life. I got lucky on this one.

midniteson Reader
12/23/17 10:51 p.m.

Went to my buddies house to check out his new winter beater/daily driver.

He picked up a 1990ish Festiva with fuel injection a manual 1.3 liters. the bench racing has already begun.

This specimen was pulled behind a motor home most of its life and runs well and is also rust free. 

Who will win a Tercel vs Festiva drag race? 1.5 carbed liters of fury! VS 1.3 Liters of Fuel injected firepower!

there is a lot of pride, and a few cases of Beer on the Line. 

The race will have to wait,we already started drinking...



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