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Turbine Reader
6/25/20 1:08 a.m.

In reply to trumant (Forum Supporter) :

I can't speak for his wheels, but I'm running 17x9 et30 Apex ARC 8's with 255/40/17 R615k+ on my m3. Fitment is...challenging. I'm maxed out on negative camber in the front at about -2.5 deg (still need to get a real alignment). I also have to run a 10mm spacer at the minimum to clear the wilwood calipers I've got. 
The rear rubs much worse. I'm running about -1.5 deg negative camber and no spacer and it still rubs over bumps. I'm waiting on my fender roller to come in the mail to try to adjust it. 
In the mean time, I raised the car up slightly on all 4 corners and firmed up the damping a bit (I'm also running TCKline single adjustables-450# front and 500# rear) 

so yeah, it's definitely not a plug and play fitment, but it should work with a few tweaks. Plus, it looks great and the grip is phenomenal. Granted, part of that comes from getting rid of the 12 year old Pilot Super Sports I had before. Here's a low quality picture of them on my car 

neverendingprojectgarage New Reader
6/25/20 2:33 p.m.

I have two sets of D-Force LTW5s, 17x9 and 17x8.5. The 17x9s are ET41, I'm not sure about the 8.5s. Mine looks to be a bit lower than Turbine's, and it rubs in the rear. PO had the rear fenders rolled years ago, I'm not sure how much. I've bought a roller to push them a bit farther. The front doesn't rub on the passenger side, but the bumper on the driver's side has been pushed in slightly so at low speeds there's a slight rub when turning, it goes away at speed when the suspension settles.

+1 on the grip and looks being phenomenal. I'd like a tad more rear grip, but I've been playing with damping and tire pressures and I've gotten it to be mostly neutral. More seat time should let me dial it in the rest of the way. 

trumant (Forum Supporter)
trumant (Forum Supporter) Reader
6/25/20 6:22 p.m.

I thought they might be the D-Force wheels. They look good on the car.

I'm holding off on considering fender rolling or going to wider wheels than my 8.5 until I get some track and autox time to truly evaluate how I like the current setup.

neverendingprojectgarage New Reader
12/30/20 12:03 p.m.

I've been neglecting updates on here, so this first one will be short and then I have a much longer one(s) coming about breaking the car in September. But first, this is what it's been up to since June:

The car definitely feels like it's capable of top-handful raw times at any event I've taken it to, but I've still had plenty of learning to do and the clutch feels like it's close to done, which hasn't helped put power down. Everything else has been working well, except for some light coolant seepage I've noticed when the car is hot (foreshadowing). 

My wife was also able to make a few events this year, and is getting a hang of this much power. Compared to the WRX we raced before, she says this is a night and day difference:

Also, GRM sticker sighting at a recent event, I'm sorry I don't know Track Rat Motorsports' forum name if you're on here, but a nice guy and the two M3s were very competitive on time despite being prepped for different goals:


Mod-wise, all I've changed is a taller shift knob. I went with a Condor weighted tall knob, and I like how it looks in the interior:

I'm still not loving the overall shift feel, so it's possible I'll want to move to a race shifter like a CAE, but the taller knob made a huge difference in feeling like I could quickly grab shifts without having to be as precise as I was with the stubby ZHP knob. For smaller hands it may not be a downside, and I need to list the knob for sale. 

Around July the M3 was getting lonely, so we added Pepper to the garage:

I'm not sure if I'll start a thread for the RF, our plans are to keep it mostly stock and just enjoy driving it (the M3 isn't that streetable, who would have known). But, that catches up to late September, where I broke the car at an event. I need to pull screengrabs from a bunch of video footage to lay the post out, so I'll get on that. 


trumant (Forum Supporter)
trumant (Forum Supporter) Reader
5/30/22 11:36 p.m.


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