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Dammit Reader
3/8/19 4:16 a.m.

And the results are in! Leaking exhaust manifold gasket, making a noise that sounds like a stuck lifter.

This is a relief, I will admit.

BBI Autosport sent me a note, "I am very sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the shipping costs and ordering experience! We understand the higher costs that are associated with international orders and do our best to keep the costs down by negotiating with our carriers for the best possible rates."

They charged $150, which is interesting as for me, a member of the public without a trade account, nor volume to offer as leverage for a discount, can send a 10kg package to BBI Autosport's address in the US for $50, via air-freight, in 3-4 days.

Is shipping things from the US three times as expensive as shipping things too the US? I'm open to it being possible - what say you GRM?

The other annoyance is that in their note they say that they'll likely ship the seat base this coming Monday, so they've taken four days to get the box off the shelf, stick a label on it and hand it to a courier. Maybe the $100 extra is actually $25/day for them to move the package from the warehouse to the courier pickup desk. 

A 100% spot-on, fantastic experience already, and I've not got the base yet. Bet it doesn't fit the seat, or they send me one for a Camaro.

Dammit Reader
3/8/19 11:05 a.m.

Disclaimer, not my hands:

CharleyK None
3/8/19 11:29 a.m.

In reply to Dammit :

There seems to be a difference in price for things mailed to residences vs. business addresses.  My wife mailed a quilt to a colleague in England and it cost $75 for a 4-5 pound package.  Looking at UPS and FedEx pricing for the same package, that seems like a bargain.



Dammit Reader
3/15/19 8:11 a.m.

Interesting, thanks Charley.

BBI have yet to ship my seat base, apparently (I had to chase them to get this update) they haven't actually made it yet, so can't post it (for obvious reasons). They have given me no estimate as to when it will ship, apart from "soon".


docwyte UltraDork
3/15/19 8:30 a.m.

Just get Recaro stuff and be done with it.  Recaro sliders and side brackets will bolt right into the floor of your car as well as the seat.  That's what I used on my old Recaro SPG XL's and it worked perfectly.

Dammit Reader
3/15/19 11:11 a.m.

I've got some Recaro side-mounts, but I was advised that they'd position the seat high in comparison to the BBI mount.

Of course, if the BBI mount never arrives, it's moot.

Did you get the Recaro double-locking sliders?

Dammit Reader
3/25/19 2:33 p.m.

I've not got the seat with me, but these dimensions are what I've found online:

Runners on the outer row of mounting holes:

Too far apart to mount the seat:

Flip the base, look at the mounting holes:

I moved the runners to the middle position, so they're inline with the mounting holes in the car:

At this point the seats would mount using the supplied 5mm spacers:

Or I can move the side mounts inward, which would mount the seat to the side-mounts with no spacers (which does strike me as better).

However, what I'm struggling with is what this gives me over mounting the Recaro side-mounts on the OEM sliders.

The BBI side mounts do have more mounting holes:

Than the Recaro:

Which as long as the seat doesn't hit the base suggests that ultimate mounting could be lower, but I have to count the thickness of the base plate in the total stack height.

Still very unsure, with that said.

docwyte UltraDork
3/26/19 8:37 a.m.

In reply to Dammit :

Yes, the Recaro double locking sliders.  While the Recaro side plates have less holes,I didn't have an issue.  I'm also all torso, so tend to sit really high in seats, I was able to get very comfortable with the Recaro side plates.  Plenty of space in the car, even with my helmet on.

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