4/21/16 5:14 p.m.

I have been a fan of the magazine for years but decided after i got one of my dream cars id share as i go what im doing to it. it is a 1974 w114 mercedes benz 280 i bought it from a family that of what they told me had owned it for three generations got it for $1500 which i feel is not bad. First pic of when we got it [/URL]" />

blinks240sx New Reader
4/21/16 5:16 p.m.

first pic of when we got it

blinks240sx New Reader
4/21/16 5:42 p.m.

so first thing i did was i scored some 16x8 inch rial mesh wheels at the yard $140 i cleaned them up and put them on the car  photo rial.gif_zpselvaqyrr.jpeg

mounted and on with 205-55-16 tires  photo 16s.gif_zpslmobuo1v.jpeg

from there since i didnt think it looked bad ass enough i sourced out a volvo 240 lip from the yard $25  photo volvo 240 lip.gif_zpse98empjr.jpeg

i tryied some yellow tint for the fogs this is how it looked but since then its been removed wasnt liking how it looked blacked out the grill insert black as well

 photo yellow fogs.gif_zpsjsi3gihr.jpeg

some additional photos from bumpers being flushed and the tails being completely painted red  photo respect your elders.gif_zpsq6fwzhja.jpeg  photo redtails.gif_zpscivzrxrq.jpeg

deleted my ac since it locked up buddy of mine wanted the old stuff gave me $80 more than what scrap would of been  photo no ac.gif_zpslmaock59.jpeg

so some may say what i did next ruined this car but if you where here in person the paint is no where near as nice in areas as it looks in pic whom ever painted it did a very bad job rust holes filled with bondo, improper prep before painting meaning no primer and painting over rust causing blistering paint so i did the trunk and hood with black rustoleam chalkboard paint plus my son can have fun drawing things on it  photo frontshots.gif_zpsfbcmh4ea.jpeg

 photo backshots.gif_zpsuxlrolxp.jpeg

i will plan to post more soon currently trying to see about upgrading the brakes and suspension ive been hearing i can go slotted rotors in the front froma 1992 mercedes and calipers from a 1980 benz to give me a slight upgrade looks like ill be junk yard hopping to snag and trial fit things. ill be needing to do the shocks in the front the backs have been done and it brought the back down a bit with out modifying any of the spring im hopping that i can lower the front to be even with the back. I was thinking maybe get the w115 4 cylinder front springs to run on the front to lower it some. In my mind i would think 4 cylinders in a inline six car it would lower it but dont hurt to try it junkyard only wants $50 for the front springs but like i said updates will be posted as i go and do more

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