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dansxr2 Dork
8/25/14 10:35 p.m.

My photobucket got jacket up so Im redoing my build thread for the car.
 photo 2013-01-20_15-11-45_HDR_zpsb376d4e0.jpg  photo 9C222B54-orig.jpg  photo 8158394F-orig.jpg this was the day the car was offered to me at the local autocross... Ironically the car had FTD that day... Here is my '91 MR2 that I purchased from well known MR2/Celica All Trac fan Martin Valent of TM Racing Autocross fame... The car was originally N/A but when the All Trac lunched a Final Drive, he had a really nice red N/A MR2 and combined the two.

Before that happened he rebuilt the engine with all OEM Toyota parts down to the Sealant...  photo 22472_297112939627_5656833_n_zps56614601.jpg  photo 22472_297112944627_640815_n_zpsb50cd491.jpg  photo 21958_285867859627_21035_n_zpsf8873400.jpg  photo 21958_280776389627_1122665_n_zps76716b84.jpg  photo 22472_297112954627_306951_n_zpsb03dfb7e.jpg

dansxr2 Dork
8/25/14 11:26 p.m.

As fate would have it after I had it like a week the car decided the alternator would like to have a meltdown (literally) and nearly burnt the car down had I not taken the dog for a walk when I did... The car was sitting in front of my house and when I went out all was good... when I came back there was smoke coming from the engine cover... at first I thought it was a coolant leak, but as I approached I could tell it was electrical :-( I had no idea where the battery was lol... luckily I found it and pulled the negative terminal... After the fire extinguisher I see this the following morning...

 photo 2013-02-26_18-05-16_HDR_zps8b095479.jpg Pull her into the garage to assess the damage. A Diode failed in the alternator back feeding the power into the alternator...  photo 2013-02-26_17-46-06_HDR_zps7639ef95.jpg Pull it to the garage across the street and assess  photo E5811F32-orig_zpsb2d6c26e.jpg  photo 8A046017-orig_zps09af9b88.jpg Thankfully all that was damaged was the alternator and the alternator plug!!!

dansxr2 Dork
8/25/14 11:56 p.m.

One can imagine the thought when I was leaving work and heard a loud rubbing coming from the right front when going around a curve... I stopped and see this :-(  photo 20130612_141343_zps769f64db.jpg

The girl I worked with said she didn't know she hit me and didn't wanna come look at it... Oh well the insurance company will thank her as they gave me $2000 of which I used to purchase a new OEM Toyota Fender, Gallon of Paint, New Stainless 3" Exhaust,Foglights and new Wheels... Definitely made Lemonade from Lemons there  photo 20130612_141335_zps03d57bbf.jpg  photo 20130612_142407_zps17d3adc5.jpg  photo 20130612_153044_zpsc4fe624d.jpg  photo 20130730_163830_zps8591be8c.jpg  photo 20130726_220352_zps08824096.jpg  photo 20130731_160314_zps6c49ecee.jpg  photo 20130523_180021_zpsb006bfeb.jpg  photo 20130603_124400_zpsee1864b4.jpg  photo MR21_zpsadba7c10.jpg They looked good!!!

The car began overheating and so I diagnosed it with a borrowed coolant pressure tester to be a leaking headgasket. I ordered up a .051 Cometic Gasket and once the valvecover gasket was off saw the car already had ARP Head Studs installed, which was a very nice surprise!  photo 20131015_215910_zps26d1f924.jpg

 photo AllTrac.jpg Gracious photo of the car that was a donor for my MR2... RIP All Trac...

dansxr2 Dork
8/26/14 12:29 a.m.

Not happy with the rear tires rubbing, the car was going through rear tires at the rate of 1 set every 5k miles. I sold the Rota Grids and mounted up some RT-615K's to a spare set of 15x7 Rial basketweaves which are currently residing on the car. I saved up my funds and went through the entire suspension on the car minus poly bushings which are in the works. Included in the refresh were Balljoints Front and Rear Tierod Ends, A worn Tierod Bearing (Thanks Two's R US), Adjustable Front Endlinks, and Megan EZ Street Coilovers. What a difference!!! The car had all 4 struts blown, so later down the road i'll get a nice set of correct fitment wheels again, just not 17's lol...  photo 20140501_174726_zpszp61oyvl.jpg  photo IMG_121420729888593_zpsrz1sligr.jpeg  photo IMG_121437703918134_zpsdlfstyph.jpeg  photo IMG_121142689239179_zpshtxxigz6.jpeg  photo IMG_121556088653241_zps5a1e2izk.jpeg I did score a prototype X brace from TCS Motorsports and a neat engine cover fan from KO Racing that should help with heatsoak at autocross events.

 photo 20130321_161918_zpsff8630f4.jpg  photo 20130321_185921_zps1546b93c.jpg

I also sourced a set of silicone radiator hoses to replace the hardening OEM ones ,and an HKS Intake.

A few months back I began having an issue the car idling high (~1500) running rough and horrid mileage. I found several issues with the car that I corrected which included: Pressure Test engine(found a cracked rubber intercooler hose) Leaking Intake to Head Gasket (Replaced with OEM) Cleaned the ISCV (No change) Replaced ISCV (No Change) Replaced ECU (No Change) Changed Engine Harness (No Change) *Unplugged Green Thermo Time Sensor at water neck (Problem goes away immediately)!!!! Sad part is I replaced this sensor as I broke it while replacing the Coolant Hoses :-/ I bought 2 so I now have a spare on hand! Ha...

I love the car and will be repairing the rusted passenger side rocker with the new OEM rocker and replacing the inner reinforcement at the same time with new metal as well over the winter as this is the only rust on the car. Overall its been a great vehicle and I have taken it to the $2013 Challenge to spectate with the girlfriend (recently turned Fiancé). Just like any car once you own it for awhile you learn the things that need to come off to work on it... I look forward to hearing from other MR2 owners and will be keeping the project updated regularly.

4cylndrfury MegaDork
8/26/14 9:06 a.m.

Love Mister Toos! I regularly see a pristine 1st gen 5spd being hooned around by a Vet - An older dude with blue blockers who takes racing lines across the double yellows on some twisties around Warren County ohio.

Yours makes me want to get back over into the 'yota camp. Nice writeup!

Will SuperDork
8/26/14 9:22 a.m.

I think your car looks much better with the smaller mesh wheels than the big 6-spokes. IMO anything over 16" just looks too big for an SW20.

dansxr2 Dork
8/26/14 6:33 p.m.

Thanks! I agree about the smaller wheels, but really want a staggered width front and rear. West Virginia roads are very rough on super low profile tire combos :-/ the car will be a fun daily/occational autox warrior.

Sal_the_man Reader
8/26/14 9:36 p.m.

Very pretty MR2. Are you content with the gen2 motor? I drove an MR2 with a gen4 swap recently, and it's drastically different.

mblommel HalfDork
8/27/14 11:17 a.m.
Sal_the_man wrote: Very pretty MR2. Are you content with the gen2 motor? I drove an MR2 with a gen4 swap recently, and it's drastically different.

This is of interest to me...

Care to expand on your 4th Gen swap driving experiences? I'm dying to know!

dansxr2 Dork
8/27/14 8:36 p.m.

The Gen IV has like 60hp more than a Gen 2 and I think revs to 8k. I bet they really rip!!! I'd definitely consider one if/when something goes bad on my current engine as it sitting with ~40k on a complete overhaul.

dansxr2 Dork
4/21/15 9:39 a.m.

 photo IMG_20141102_224248_zpsqkj1jr1w.jpg  photo IMG_20141102_213236_520_zpsy1yydekh.jpg  photo IMG_121556088653241_zps5a1e2izk.jpeg I just realized I haven't updated this email n forever, so here we go... The car had an encounter with a mid flight deer, which broke the passenger side headlight, and more recently the towns snowplow backed into it... Its in the process of having a new rocker panel installed, 2 new fenders, a new Carbon Fiber hood, New Wheel/Tire combo. I scored an EMS Powered exhaust for $90 that needed a good scrubbing, man what a difference from the EBay one it had previously!!!! I replaced the cooling system hoses with Silicone pieces, and added coilovers as well as a complete suspension overhaul.

chiodos Reader
4/21/15 10:38 a.m.

Sweet mr2! But you might want to take that hks filter off pronto. Every one ive ever seen, the foam disintegrates and sucks up into the engine. On top of its terrible ability to filter (why its called super flow)

ssswitch Reader
4/22/15 5:15 p.m.

Yeah, we used to call those filters the Green Mushrooms of Death.

You've had enough bad luck with this car without adding that to the list.

dansxr2 Dork
4/23/15 9:14 a.m.

I've been changing the filters regularly, but maybe an Apexi or K&N is a better option.

Swank Force One
Swank Force One MegaDork
4/23/15 10:02 a.m.

AEM Dryflow.

The biggest one you can possibly cram in there.

Cleverfrog Reader
4/23/15 10:44 a.m.

In reply to dansxr2:

Solid pass on the K&N. They let thru more particulates than they filter. Aem and Apexi have the best filtering a flow qualities from many posts I've read.

dansxr2 Dork
6/12/15 8:05 p.m.

I haven't posted any updates recently, but here's where I am... 2nd paint samples are at the State Police Lab being analyzed. I had a friend replace the passenger rocker, paint and install New OEM Fenders,and install my Carbon Headlight Covers. I got a set of Staggered 17x8.5/17x9.5 wheels for super cheap on Ebay., and I love them! I'm going to respray the car over the winter, so my paint will all match. So excited to have it back. Now to proceed legal actions against the Town of Sutton as soon as my paint samples confirm it was their plow ( I'm 99.98% sure it was them). Here's a few pics of how she looks at the present. photo IMG_20150603_184435789_zps0uah6icl.jpg photo IMG_20150603_184355888_zpsdhcfed8q.jpg photo IMG_20150601_062345718_zpsjnaknomm.jpg photo IMG_20150601_205751982_zpssdg5dvlt.jpg Still have to install these vent add ons, should have them fitted this week.

flatlander937 New Reader
6/12/15 10:11 p.m.

That car looks excellent! Ever since seeing Martin's MR2 run in person I have a really bad want for one.

dansxr2 Dork
6/13/15 12:10 p.m.

Martin's car is really something!!! 420whp now with his new setup on MS3 Pro. He had a intercooler end tank crack, now fixed it'll be pushing 24-26psi

Harvey HalfDork
6/13/15 12:28 p.m.

Really cool stuff. A friend of mine just bought one and immediately had the engine blow up. Trying to get him to post it on here.

dansxr2 Dork
6/13/15 12:48 p.m.

I also have a Facebook group, West Virginia MR2 Owners, feel free to subscribe.

dansxr2 Dork
1/3/16 8:54 p.m.

Been awhile since I've posted, but I've have several happenings. The clutch decided it didn't want to release so I replaced it and installed a lightweight flywheel. I borrowed my brothers shop on a Sunday and my little brother and I did it in 8 hours start to finish.  photo IMG_20150802_124327805_zps5e2rw6ig.jpg Old SPEC clutch  photo IMG_20150802_124524285_zpsojgbsgki.jpg Gouges from broke hub springs

 photo IMG_20150802_133343460_zpsxdt6dwg5.jpg Lightweight Flywheel

 photo IMG_20150708_155841345_zpsiddeffpz.jpg I also sourced a super rare HKS sidemount intercooler core a while back but the pipes that came with it wouldn't work for my application. I had never seen a pic of one installed and began searching for the HKS intercooler pipes. The only set I found were in Australia, and the owner didn't seem interested in selling them. Luckily I had a guy on the MR2OC message me that he had a set he wasn't using and would sell me at a reasonable price.

 photo IMG_20151216_195415943_zpstwtkpgwk.jpg HKS Pipes  photo IMG_20151019_202513079_zpspl6rswgg.jpg OEM vs HKS Intercooler

 photo IMG_20151016_200356807_zpsactb0dz9.jpg Also repainted a Celica Valve cover I had and replaced a leaking valve cover gasket.

Also picked up a Berk 3" Stainless ceramic coated Downpipe as my eBay special didn't have a flex and was cracked. $300 and I couldn't fit my oil filter on...  photo IMG_20151013_165505914_zpsfyn34j72.jpg  photo IMG_20151013_195747241_zpslfddmtch.jpg I've been noticing the odor of oil and was unable to determine a source. One evening driving home from work, I could see blue smoke from behind my car.... I pulled my Turbo outlet pipe and found this... photo IMG_20151218_174554817_zpsew4gw5jr.jpg

I did a compression test last night and got these

1- 170

2- 145

3- 160

4- 145

I did a leakdown test and honestly didn't know how to use the Harbor Freight Leakdown Tester my friend let me borrow. I applied 100psi at TDC on each cylinder without any big leaks. It's blowing oil out of the valve cover breather. It's something that just recently began, and today it blew a pint of oil into my improvised Gatorade Bottle catch can. Gonna redo my test with a better quality gauge and see what it says, but I may be doing a 260hp Gen 4 swap in the near future.  photo 320_7__DSC0054.jpg.cf_zpsrnbsiyhd.jpg

BoxheadTim UltimaDork
1/3/16 10:46 p.m.

That Berk downpipe was on my shopping list for mine, how did you resolve the fit issue?

dansxr2 Dork
1/3/16 11:26 p.m.

Lightly massaged it. My car has an st165 block and a Gen 2 head. Make me a reasonable offer and its yours. I won't be able to use it. I still have the bill, its been driven ~3000 miles.

BoxheadTim wrote:

That Berk downpipe was on my shopping list for mine, how did you resolve the fit issue?

BoxheadTim UltimaDork
1/4/16 9:25 a.m.

Thanks, I'll try to keep that in mind - I'm hoping to find a replacement for the MR2 this month but if I don't I'll continue building it and the down pipe is high on my list of mods for this year.

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