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Rodan Dork
6/11/19 3:39 p.m.

In reply to mr2s2000elise & Floating Doc :

Neither was really an option.  But the other party's insurance is paying, and the body shop has a lifetime warranty.  They do good work, certainly better than I can do!


Rodan Dork
6/11/19 3:40 p.m.

In other news, my sat antenna relocation seems to have worked.  Mounted the camper up today, and had no issues with reception on my post-camper mounting test circuit.  We'll see what happens when we get 1000 miles north of here...

mr2s2000elise HalfDork
6/11/19 7:23 p.m.
Rodan said:

In reply to mr2s2000elise & Floating Doc :

Neither was really an option.  But the other party's insurance is paying, and the body shop has a lifetime warranty.  They do good work, certainly better than I can do!


I wasnt encouraging you to sell it. Just sharing my silly OCD that I cant cure. If i get scrape or accident, car goes to body shop, gets sold week after. I just cant let post body shop car live in my garage or driveway.


i am not normal. But i am me . I spent too much time chasing perfection 

Rodan Dork
7/1/19 8:26 a.m.

Back from two weeks on the road...  full story later, but here's a teaser:

ZL1 on the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway in WY


And part of the upcoming road, taken from the same overlook

Rodan Dork
7/7/19 1:07 p.m.

Sorry, meant to come back to this sooner, but it's been a busy week... we came home to a leaking toilet, and non-functional garage door opener, so those had to be repaired in the midst of catching up at work on a holiday week. indecision

Backing up a bit, prior to leaving I had to load the ZL1 and ensure the new tie down straps would work, and I could get the tongue weight where I needed it.  The tie downs were sourced from Mac's and are the 'over the wheel' variety, designed to latch into E track.

The ZL1 is a tight fit in the trailer, and keeping the ratchets out from under the car requires all of the E track I installed.  It's also wide, which requires some contortion to get in to set the straps in place.  It worked perfectly, though... the car didn't move at all over 4000 miles, and once we got a routine down, it was fairly quick to tie down.  Which was good, because we had to load it in the rain once... cheeky

The tongue weight with the ZL1 loaded was high enough that I couldn't bring my bike along... oh well, 1st world problems.


Rodan Dork
7/7/19 1:43 p.m.

Our first night out  was in Price, UT, and we discovered our hot water heater was contaminated when our hot water smelled like rotten eggs... yuk.   

The next morning we continued up 191 through Utah.  Here's a couple of shots from north of Vernal on 191.

We spent the next few days in Cody, WY at the Absaroka Bay RV park.  A little tight in the park, but typical for a tourist location.

At least there was room for the ZL1 after we got it unloaded.

Kona was just happy to be out of the truck and in the camper after two days on the road!

She got to spend her days at the Cody Country Bed & Biscuit dog day care while we were running around.  Great place, and reasonably priced.

Our first day in Cody we spent in town, mostly at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

I could post pages of pics, but let it suffice to say that if you're in Cody, you need to check it out!   Another very cool thing in Cody is the Dug Up Gun Museum, which is in town, and free.  They have displays of found guns (many literally 'dug up') dating back to the Revolutionary War.  Most are rusted hulks, but are very intersting for the stories they tell, and the circumstances of their discovery.  If you're into guns and/or history, check it out.


Rodan Dork
7/7/19 1:53 p.m.

Our second day, we took a road trip over the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway (WY296) to the Beartooth Hwy (US212) over Beartooth pass, and had lunch in Red Lodge, MT before returning to Cody.

Beartooth peak, which is a bit North of the highway:

This is a spectacular drive... great road, and the scenery is spectacular.  The supercharged LT4 in the Camaro didn't care at all about the altitude, and provided plenty of grunt, even over the 11000ft pass.  The more I drive the ZL1, the more I'm impressed with it as a GT car.  Despite the track capability, it's comfortable and relaxed, even tearing along an alpine road like this.

Beartooth pass opened for the season only a few weeks before we were there, so out of an abundance of caution, I had swapped the all-seasons back on the ZL1 for the trip.  Turns out the road was dry, so I could have left the summers on...

That doesn't mean there wasn't still snow!

The views from the top are absolutely spectacular!

Coming down the Montana side isn't bad either...

After a nice lunch in Red Lodge, we returned to Cody the short way, got some ice cream, picked up the dog and prepared for departure the next morning.

Rodan Dork
7/7/19 2:03 p.m.

The next two days were spent trudging across Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota via I94 and into Hudson, WI where we would be visiting family for a week.

There, Kona got to play with her BFF Fiona, my sister's boxer.  They hadn't seen each other for a year, but it was on immediately!

All too soon, it was time to head for home.  Had to stop in Blue Earth, MN the first day out for a pic with the Jolly Green Giant...

We spent the first night in Chadron State Park in NW Nebraska.

Beautiful place, but it was 97*F, so we stayed in the AC most of the evening.  The next morning there were wild turkeys walking through the campground.  We're looking at returning for a few days in cooler weather!

The next two days were just trudging along the highway to get home.  

Aside from the stinky water heater, everything worked as expected and it was a great trip!

And now that I've got the toilet and garage door fixed, it's time to get back to work on projects.  We're signed up for the Alfa Club's driving school in September at Willow Springs, so I've got to start prepping for that!

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