8/1/21 9:35 a.m.

This radiator was riddled out once in its lifetime. There is a new thermostat and cap. I flushed it out and added new antifreeze. While idling it overheats and overflows. 
How to test water pump and if it is nit the pump, what is it!

thank you!

oppositelocksmith New Reader
8/1/21 12:28 p.m.

Is it actually overheating, or is the needle on your gauge going too far. 

If the latter, get a laser temp thermometer on the waterpump/thermostat housing to see what the temp really is. 

Senders on these cars fail, and the new repros vary in output giving odd gauge reads.

Since you say it's overflowing, what lbs cap did you put on?

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