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RenoTR6 New Reader
11/21/19 9:23 p.m.

In reply to JoeTR6 :

I've looked at the Autopower and had the same feeling. 

Ted Schumacher sells one that allegedly sits on the diff shelf which would make it fairly easy to tie into the suspension tree but he doesn't have pictures so I'm hesitant. 

I already pulled the soft top out so that's not a problem haha.

RenoTR6 New Reader
12/13/19 8:44 a.m.

Well after a lot of staring at the 911 seats I decided they just didn't look right in the cockpit, ironically they're too big. So I pulled the trigger on my original choice; Cobra Classic CS and I wish I would've done it sooner! 

I'm all over the place with this build. I'm talking with a guy in the UK about custom leather trim panels and crash pads to change the interior to black. After that I need to get around to installing the alloy front hubs that are collecting dust and order the CV rear axles. I have a feeling engine work won't start until next winter. 

RobertsTR New Reader
12/19/20 11:39 p.m.

Instead of spending tons upgrading the TR engine why not swap it for another straight 6 that is lighter and has 250hp.   I dropped a BMW S52 (1998 M3) into mine and its great!   Also, sticking with an inline 6 means you don't need to snake your steering column around the headers etc.    

If I were to do the swap today I'd pick BMW's N52 engine and 6speed trans.   That would drop 100lbs from the S52 engine (about the same as the stock engine) and give you a much broader power band.    

You would also need to install a LSD to get the power down and upgrade most every other part but....so much fun.   


12/20/20 7:48 a.m.

HI, this is my first message on this Forum, so far I have enjoyed this thread and the very lengthy but good one about a TVR 2500M.

I am based in Hampshire, England and enjoy reading what you are up to with old British cars over in the USA.

I own three straight six Triumph cars: GT6 mk2, 2.5Pi mk1 and TR6 all from 69 and 70. To me the major joy of driving these cars is the engine, it really is the heart and soul of them. I bought the GT6 in 83 after owning a Vitesse (Sports Six) and from that point have loved owning Triumph cars.

I do believe that these cars respond well to some tuning, nothing too wild though. Engine wise, some porting and bigger valves to the head, lightened and balanced crankshaft and rods, a lightened flywheel and say a TR6 (UK) camshaft. If well built, this will produce more power and torque and make the car more fun as well as being able to rev better. As for suspension, its the usual story of quality polyurethane bushings, slightly lower and firmer springs and decent shocks: Koni. Change ARB ends to rose joints and upgrade the centre mounts. Brakes: Wilwood or AP. Wheels Minilites (not copies) or Revolution with Uniroyal or Michelin tyres. Interior, my GT6 has standard seats as I find them very supportive, the TR6 has MX5 units (separate headrest type..not tombstone) and the Saloon has some Vauxhall Recaros. Oh, and every one has a Motolita steering wheel.

These cars are used for Autosolos, Track Days, endurance runs and 12 car rallies.

Anyway, I have drifted off thread. The point I must make is that the main point of these cars is to just enjoy them, don't go mad and attempt to make them some wild track beast, just use them and modify as one goes along. My best memories of using my cars are when out on runs throughout the UK or Europe with my mates. Luckily, there are a number of very good Triumph Clubs in the UK and one of them, Club Triumph organises top events like the Round Britain Reliability Run (RBRR) and 10 Countries Run. I am the main organiser of the RBRR, the event is tough, 2000 miles in 48 hours (London to John O'Groats to Lands End to London) , but when run every two years attracts 120 Triumph cars and owners..its just a fabulous weekend of hard and exciting driving. Covid meant we had to postpone last October's event, but we will be running the event next October in 2021.

Good luck with the TR6, great to read about the story so far.

RenoTR6 New Reader
1/14/22 12:55 p.m.

Back from the dead! All I can say is life got in the way and if I'm not actively doing stuff to the car I don't really post about it. However lots of updates to the car with the most notable being the top end.

Sent the head out to Huffaker motorsports because they specialize in Triumphs and vintage race cars in general. After lightening my wallet substantially and taking about 4 times as long as originally quoted to complete the work I can't say I'd go that route again. I'm very happy with the results but adding up receipts I'm thinking I should've just stuffed a rotary in and called it a day. But I digress. Compression was raised to 9.5:1, hardened valve seats to ditch the lead substitute, competition valves/springs, 1.55 roller rockers, full aggressive port job. 6 37mm Mikuni carbs went on to the new head replacing the more than adequate Hitachi SUs. Not because there was anything wrong but because I like to be different lol. Top end sings now!

Other upgrades since I've been gone include:

-ATI super damper. I had noticed the factory damper rubber was cracked and swollen after years of neglect from and so I weighed the option of rebuilding or upgrading. I chose the latter and I'm happy I did!

- Finally settled my dilemma of aluminum or factory radiator and had the factory unit boiled, fins straightened, petcock added, and repainted. Very happy with the results and cooling is much improved.

- All four hubs were upgraded to aluminum units for safety.

- Brakes saw new rotors and pads up front, finned drums and new shoes in the rear. So far it's plenty of power to lock them up so I feel ok in that department for the time being.


Short term projects moving forward:

- I still need to decide what I want for a roll bar.

- The new carbs don't have any vacuum ports so I'm currently without a brake booster and deciding how to deal with that. I'm leaning towards a dual master cylinder from GoodParts mostly because it'll look good under the hood.

Wheels and tires... Still can't decide If I'm in love with the setup and I also want period correct tires. NOT redlines but something from the era not something you'd see on a minivan like I have now. Pirelli makes some for 16s but if I went back to 15s I'd have more options.

But overall she's running great and turns a lot of heads when I pop the hood at Cars & Coffee.


oppositelocksmith New Reader
1/14/22 2:35 p.m.

Looks like quite the wild intake. I bet the intake sound is pretty cool as well. 

For your front hubs, did you do the thicker axle? (axle is the real weakness, hub is not)

I have a box arriving tomorrow on the big brown truck that will allow me to make mine limited slip in the back. 


RenoTR6 New Reader
1/14/22 2:45 p.m.

In reply to oppositelocksmith :

What you don't see is the velocity stacks under the filters and yes the intake sound is very pleasing to the ears.

It's been a while but yes I'm pretty sure I went with the "uprated" axles and hubs in the front from Rimmer Bros.

Very nice! Which LS route did you go?

oppositelocksmith New Reader
1/14/22 3:01 p.m.

We need vids at some point! 

I have an R200 out of an Infiniti Q45. Viscous LS. Using Goodparts hubs and CV axles as well as his adapter kit. Actually waiting on a call back from Richard right now to see if he can machine something for me on my diff... 

I run his adjustable camber kit and nylatron bushings in the rear, and nylatron bushings in the front as well. Car is lowered a couple inches. 

Summer of 2020, I built almost exactly the engine you described at the beginning of  your thread. Only thing I'm missing are the ATI damper and the roller rockers. I'm running triple DCOE's instead of bike carbs. 

Have a thread going here

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