JoeyM Mod Squad
11/25/19 11:00 a.m.

Do not be deceived by these wires on the turn signal stalk on the 1982 Datsun 910.   They are cruise control wiring and have NOTHING to do with the turn signals!



I just had to figure out the turn signals on my steering column from a datsun 910 wagon.  (It is being used in my going in my 1932 datsun replica.  I should probably put this in the build thread,  but I want the info to be more easily searched for in case someone is restoring a datsun 810/910.)  I had been messing with the wires on the turn signal stalk in an effort get the turn signals working.  

It turns out that those wires are for the cruise control.  The turn signal wires are much closer to the steering column.  Unfortunately, the picture in my 810 service manual is upside down, and not labeled as such.

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