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1/8/20 9:24 p.m.

I'm probably not worthy of a build thread here. I've been through the list of builds here, and am constantly amazed at what you guys do. Enough chatter. 

these pics will have to do for now. As it's been a whirlwind day. 
storytime: some may remember my little green booger mx5 I picked up for E street seat time. It was a very fun car. But required SO many nickels and dimes to keep going. 
It finally kicked the bucket when it lost a valve in cylinder 2. The choices were: sink money into a car that I won't get back out, or find something else. Well, the automotive ADD around here rubs off. I've been eyeing the NC for awhile, and checked Craigslist. Sure enough, there was a 2009 with 32k miles on odo just one town over. And only $8500? Hmm... KBB showed it at $9,200-$10,000. 
This is where things get interesting. I text the number in the listing and it sounds so familiar. Turns out, the owner is an old car friend of mine from my younger years. We reconnect, meet up, test drive and swap war stories. We agreed upon $7500, and made the deal. This thing is an 11yr old time capsule... pristine, for the most part. 

I've named her "Yuki", it means "snow" in Japanese. It applies twice. She's Marble White, but I also drove her home in a snow storm just now to the fire station where my Wife was having an allergic reaction and was receiving medical attention. 

Plans? Stock autocross class for now, eventually STR. It needs tires (see my other thread about that). There is a small rip in the top. I need to patch that. The brake light came on while driving briefly, and the went out. Not sure what that is about. Change fluids, get aligned, clay and wax, 

Tomorrow I will be figuring out what to do with all this room in the car... more pics to follow, right now it is dark and snowing. 
as they say in Japan, "Jikai made"

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