Bill Mesker
Bill Mesker New Reader
3/5/17 3:54 p.m.

So seeing as this is my first topic post being a lurker and an sometimes commenter on GRM, here's the skinny on the Volvo. 1998 S70 base sedan, 2.4 I5, 5 speed manual, 168k miles, (or 208k km's for everyone else haha,) pretty well loaded, has leather seats and a moon roof, $5500 worth of work done recently, still needs a bit more minor suspension work but not to the point it's not road worthy, couple of sensors have gone to hell but again not enough to keep it off the road, has a CD/Cassette/AM-FM radio which either has to be unlocked or possibly replaced. I'm going to see if I can unlock it first but if not it'll get replaced with a more modern unit that has bluetooth and a AUX input. Otherwise, it's in good shape. It also has the mini windshield wipers for the headlights but one is missing plus there's a minor imperfection on the front bumper on the passenger side. So there you have it. Any advice, encouragement, or possible mods are always welcome.

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