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docwyte PowerDork
7/31/21 2:29 p.m.

Grabbed some Wolfman side bags today to go on my rack.  Nice guy and the bags fit great!

Still pretty narrow from the rear

They've got these D rings that conveniently slot into my Perun side plates on the racks.  4 total, really help hold the bags securely

Then two large straps that go over the top.  So pretty easy to remove/install them, plus they're dry bags so everything will stay totally dry. 

Now I just need to get the free time to go on a trip!

docwyte PowerDork
8/5/21 8:38 a.m.

So one of the drawbacks of a metal skid plate vs the stock plastic one is it allows a lot of noise to bounce back on me.  The motor sounded like a cement mixer once I added the black dog skid plate.  I grabbed a piece of dynamat/boom mat and put it on the inside of the skid plate, happy to report that made a huge difference!

I also played with the rebound setting on the front forks, since I weigh so much less than the guy they were setup for they were pogo'ing a little on one section of the freeway I ride to work.  They're still doing it a bit but it's much improved.  Good enough to leave alone I think until October when I pull the bike off the road for the winter and can pull the forks/shock to send them back and get them setup for me.

docwyte PowerDork
9/26/21 4:20 p.m.

Managed to get some seat time up in the hills today.  Played up Rollins Pass with my buddy on his T700.  I stupidly forgot my tool roll but luckily I didn't need it.  The spur we took up to the top was steep, rutted out and very rocky.  690 ate it up tho!  Rocks were wanging off the skid plate, happy I got the Black Dog on there.

Colors are changing already...

Obligatory bike shot

From there it was a fairly easy descent, then we took the Peak to Peak, which is easy but scenic into Idaho Springs.  Which was a ZOO!  Super busy and they're now charging for parking?!  Screw that!  A quick blast on I70 to Hwy 6, rode along the river, which is awesome, into Golden for lunch.

Then the quick, boring ride on C470 home. 

Have I mentioned how much I *love* this bike?  Suspension is great, loads of power, handles the freeway perfectly, very stable in the dirt.  Yeah, it takes a good amount of effort and money to "adventurize" it but I was able to take advantage of all the work the previous owner did in that regard...

docwyte PowerDork
10/22/21 4:17 p.m.

Of course it's a beautiful day and weekend looks incredible.  I should be out on the bike checking out the leaves.  Instead I decide to take it apart.  Sigh.  Suspension was setup for the previous owner, who weighed 250-260lbs, while I weigh 190lbs.  That's a problem, I can't get the bike to sag properly.  Konflict needs to put in 3 step lighter springs and then revalve to those. 

I literally just bought a motorcycle lift table today but it won't be in until the end of November at the earliest, so I'm slumming it with this Hammer Store motorcycle jack. 

See how I have the jack on the skid plate?  Remember that...

I decide to go after the rear shock first, as it's more work.  First I have to pull the seat, pannier racks/tail rack, Safari tank...

Ok, now I can tilt the tail (with the fuel tank) up towards the handle bars, hence the looped bungee cord on the bars.  Unfortunately my Black Dog skid plate blocks access to the lower shock bolt.  Which meant I had to get the bike on the side stand, remove the skid plate, remove the bolt, put the skid plate back on and then get the bike back onto the jack.  Ugh. 

Then remove the upper bolt and spend at least 5 minutes trying to Tetris the thing outta there.  I did finally win though

Ok, let's take off the front forks.  Remove the bolts holding the brake caliper in place, then the wheel speed sensor, then the bolts holding the brake lines to the fork guards.  Now loosen the lower axle bolts, remove the 27mm nut, push the axle out and pull the wheel off.

Now loosen the upper and lower triple tree bolts and wiggle the fork legs out.

remove the fork gaurd bolts and slide the guards up and off the forks.  Done.

Konflict sent me a box, which was supposed to arrive today, but now is supposed to arrive Sunday.  Oh well.  Since it'll be a few weeks before I'll get the suspension back, I labeled all the bolts so I wouldn't forget what went where.  This is only in the spots where I couldn't put the bolts back into their homes for now

Hopefully get this stuff back in 2 weeks or so.  Debating swapping out the fuel pump and filters since I pretty much have all the access I need to the fuel pump.  Maybe next Friday if I get done with the 911 early.

Professor_Brap (Forum Supporter)
Professor_Brap (Forum Supporter) UltraDork
10/22/21 10:37 p.m.

Might as well finish everything you can while you wait on suspension. 

docwyte PowerDork
10/23/21 4:24 p.m.

In reply to Professor_Brap (Forum Supporter) :

Yeah but I kinda have an issue playing with something that so far has been working perfectly.  I have a hard time pulling the fuel pump and filter since they're so low mileage and work fine, to replace them with other parts.  Just seems like I could be introducing issues I don't currently have.

I did however, pull the rear wheel and take them along with the tires the seller gave me when I bought the bike to the shop.

$35 to mount and balance each, so $75 with tax.

Figure I might as well keep the rear wheel off until I get the rear shock back into the bike.  Surprisingly the box from Konflict showed up this morning so I packed up the forks and shock and dropped them off at UPS.  They should have them Tuesday.  So timing wise that couldn't have worked out any better.  Well, other than me doing this next weekend since yesterday and today are gorgeous and I should be outside riding...

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