5/9/22 1:21 a.m.

1979 Toyota Celica ST coupe, currently asking $3350, this is my own car. Lots of work and parts in this Celica, but it’s time to sell it and I’d like to see it go to an enthusiast. I was going to do a mild resto-mod with it, but I haven’t bonded with it like my other vehicles, so I’ve moved on. Runs nicely with a steady idle, great brakes, and starts right up. Good fun to throw about on twisting roads. Usually used locally, but has been reliable for many road trips to and from Portland, Eugene, and Baker City. Very complete original car with minimal damage and nice upgrades. Check out the craigslist ad for all the parts and upgrades (a lot), and way more pictures.


Carsandbikes Reader
5/15/22 11:42 a.m.

My " little " sister had one of these that she bought new and she let me drive it a few times (her's had the automatic transmission, tho).  Decent enough car and I have always liked the styling.  Too bad it's so far from me.

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