greenfieldhippi New Reader
6/19/19 2:43 p.m.

I have a 1997 Lexus ES300 that has been a great daily for me. It has a solid V6 and a lot more features than one wouldn't expect fom 1997 nice speakers and proper working ac all the electrical is good and the mechanics are all solid as well. It has never been flooded and since it's a Southern car has no rust! It starts, runs, and drives well and is both fun to drive and reliable. Also has no check engine light on. It excelles far surpass my expectations on the highways and could make for a great starter car, work car, road tripper, or a $2000 challenge car.

Now the negative:

It has some clear coat issues as y'all are sure to notice

Couple of tears in the seats but no stains or discoloration

220k miles its up there in miles but as stated it still runs like a champ.

I don't want to take less than $2000 but I'd even be more interested in trading for a rally car candidate (or full fledged rally car) preferably a Subaru or Mitsubishi but I'd be open to any offer.  

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