RichardSIA Reader
1/1/20 3:21 p.m.

Okay, it's 2020 and I've decided I want another toy I was offered a lot more than this Fiero/project.
Will sell the whole car, complete with title for a very challenge worthy $250.00
Engine is 2.5 'Duke, condition unknown as I have not been able to open the engine compartment.
166,000 Mi., Five speed trans and 1988 only "Lotus designed"* suspension.
The 88 only Sandalwood interior is good enough to recoup the entire purchase price.
Front suspension looks to be fine, the body support above has been bent and cut off.
This Fiero could be repaired but their value is not great enough for that to make a lot of sense on a four banger.
I have pics available via email as hosting and then posting is a PITA.
*Some argue that Lotus "Had nothing to do with the suspension". That contradicts MANY published reports, and GM had bought Lotus at the time.


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