wolf_walker New Reader
8/27/19 7:35 p.m.

This is our beater E320, owned it 2.5 years and put 20K miles on it, was the ole ladies daily to work and kid hauler.

It's been and is reliable and consistent, 191K, bad repaint of a great original color with clearcoat failing on trunk and roof, dings, scuffs, etc

but it still cleans up reasonably well and looks ok from 15' or so.   Good window tint too.  Typical 200K Mercedes trans, slow into reverse but no slip or flare

and it's been consistent.

Rear subframe bushings are shot, a squeak in the rear I assume is related.

AC works but barely, I suspect crud in the system blocking flow, previous owner had compressor replaced and was back in again

for it not working well a couple times.  Had a headgasket at the dealer a few years ago, isn't dripping but I'm sure it's weeping again by now.

Has the a non-degrading newer wiring harness, and the t-body has never given any trouble, cruise works.

Has been wrecked at least once, saw evidence of work on the tail panel when I was changing a brake light bulb, and the PO

ran over something big and metal on the highway and busted the oil pan and buggered up the cross member which he had repaired, it

has always pulled a little to the right and I've never bothered having it aligned and strongly suspect it's related to them hacking the 

cross member back in.  Have a number of service records, fuel pump pretty recently, head gasket, oil pan, etc.

Like I said, it's a beater, been reliable, but a beater.

When I bought it I did a full tuneup, radiator, plugs, t-stat hoses belts filters etc, and a full brake job and a set of tires, fixed a bunch of little BS things.

Since then it's been pretty much gas, oil changes and drive.  The RR window regulator is dead, rear subframe bushings, and I don't trust

the sunroof to do more than tilt up and down(which is does), I think everything else works save for the temp readout on the dash.  I replaced the digital encoder (volume pot) on the factory 

radio so that even works.  Literally the only thing that has ever stopped the car from functioning is (invisible) corrosion on teh underhood fuse box

terminals that I finally fixed with a good electrical cleaner.  Car is pretty quick for it's day and what it is, the dual cam motor is a sweetheart and the best part, never uses oil, 

runs like a sewing machine.  Interior is "ok", driver seat wear the worst of it.  The perforated leather is fragile on the later w124's.

This would be a great donor car for sticking this engine in a 190E imo, or lemons, city beater, etc.

$1200, drive it home.  Located in Oklahoma City, clear title in my name, still registered, insured and occasionally driven. 

Questions or anything just ask, this was my first gasser but I'm a Mercedes guy so I kinda know how they roll.

And I apologize for the car not being cleaned in and out, it's been so friggin hot here I have not been able to motivate myself to do it.




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