thepope540 New Reader
3/11/16 4:22 p.m.

I've had the car sitting either on the lift or in the driveway since before Christmas and haven't had time to turn a wrench on it. It's time to move it out of here

First the Bad:

Hail damage - the aluminum hood took a beating, but the roof isn't nearly as bad
Parking Lot dings and scratches - the car has about 150k miles on it and it hasn't been babied.
Piston Slap
Driveshaft support bearing gasket is shot and the driveshaft moves around a lot when the rubber is warm
Leak in the front passenger tire
Light gray cloth interior is a pain to keep clean
Occasionally smokes after sitting for several weeks - I started it for the first time in 2 months on Tuesday and it smoked for 3-5 minutes then cleared up.
Automatic shift linkage is stiff to use works fine

The good:

Less than 500 miles on pads and rotors all the way around
Fires right up every time, even after sitting for extended amounts of time
Pulls hard and boosts great
Drives like a car with 100k fewer miles - its tight, controlled, crisp, and fun to drive.

I have pics, but don't have them hosted anywhere. If you're interested I can email or text them to you.

Tom @ 513-708-0995

Brett_Murphy PowerDork
3/15/16 8:55 p.m.

Needs pictures, especially of any rust on the underbody.

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