greggearhead Reader
1/17/17 12:19 p.m.

This is a set of 4 3 piece Gotti wheels. They have been professionally straightened (most I've come across are bent in at least a few places from years of use) and then polished on the faces and outer lips. They aren't concours level, but likely better than any other set you find, unless you pay $2k+ on top to have them disassembled and further detailed. I think for any car that sees road or track use, they would be awesome.

Widths are 16x9 (bead to bead) in the front with a 6 1/8" backspace, 16x11 (b to b) in the rear with a 7 1/2" backspace.

I have the valve stems to include, but no centercaps at this moment. You can still buy new centercaps online, and you can even get rims/barrels if you need a different width or offset. They do have some damage to some of the lug seat inserts - I can have this repaired (refaced) by a local air-cooled machinist, or you can have it done. Pretty simple, but the person I bought them from didn't mention it, and I don't want that to happen to the next person!

I'd like $1800 out of these - will consider partial trades of other wheels, steering wheels, lights, sport type seats, etc.

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