paved New Reader
11/18/15 6:52 p.m.

Hey all- haven't been on the forum lately, had to sell my WRX after all the long hard work after all. Anyway my Aunt has charged me with helping them sell their MB. Its a cream puff of a car, driven nicely on sunny days. its a homerun if one is in the market. Below is the meat of the Craigslist ad. Tons of pics available.

All maintenance performed on time at dealership, records available. Basically 1 owner; secondary vehicle. This is the 1 button hard top convertible. Bought for sunny weekend cruising. As this vehicle has only driven 15,xxx miles she is a 2006 in pristine "AS NEW' condition. The car still has that new car smell. This is like paying less than half price for a new Mercedes Benz.

These are just a few of the features found on this darling car: Speed sensitive wipers. Rear defogger. Traction control, stability control and electronic brake force distribution. Dual front with head protection chambers side-mounted airbags. Multi-link front and rear suspension.

As a Mercedes this interior is very well appointed. She has heated leather power seats. This car is automatic with shifting optional. The interior is next to spotless and very very comfortable. Dual zone climate controls. Remote keyless power door locks. Power heated mirrors. Tilt and telescopic steering wheel. Speed-proportional power steering. Audio controls on steering wheel. Alloy and leather trim on doors. Interior active charcoal air filter, of course she was never smoked in. 9 total speakers. Car was garaged its entire life.

No disappointments. Email with questions if this is the car for you or a family member. This would make a perfectly safe 1st car for a new driver or used as it is now, a weekend cruiser. Your time will not have been wasted if you are ready to purchase a vehicle.

Recently detailed ready for new owner. Please email for pics.... craigdillowatgmail

OHSCrifle HalfDork
11/18/15 9:27 p.m.

Okay. Now post the CL ad.

And note that 99% of nine year old "ordinary" MBs sell for about 25% of original price, or lower.

singleslammer UberDork
11/19/15 8:36 a.m.

Found it:

paved New Reader
11/19/15 10:28 p.m.

Thanks for posting the link, I wasn't sure if that was kosher. Also, I am not in charge of the pricing but I know a few things about it. The last several years to decades cars such as MB and Audi (in particular) Volvos too, are not holding their values as they age. A $58,000 car can be worth as little as $10-$15k after only a few years. I see some cars that are miled up going for less than 10G's. This car is in a different category. This is that category of car that you find and can't really believe what you're seeing. Some cars are bought and just not used very much. Coupled with being garaged their entire life and you have something of a time capsule. Sometimes these cars are literally as new. This car was driven, not much but it was on the road at times. The lady that owns the car bought it to drive on sunny days. It is a beautiful vehicle that normal pricing conventions do not really translate onto. When you find these kinds of cars often the owners are asking close to or more than original pricing. Hell, in a decade this car could be worth more than what she is asking now, wish I could've afforded a Ford GT when they came out, what are super low mile versions trading for now, $300K? This is no Ford GT but it is in superior survivor car status at the moment which gives the new owners many more options than this model with even just 30k miles, which I think we all agree is low miles. So yeah she wants $25 large for the car, KBB may not value it as such but find another one, kind of resets the value when they are in this condition with this few miles. She may be proud of the car and she may be asking a dear price for it but really, the car is new and going for half of sticker. I recently bought a Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle. It is a 2007 with only 900 miles on the odo. Now this bike goes for $4500 new and this bike was as new. Fortunately for me the owner really wanted it gone, coupled with there being several Rebels on CL all priced under and close to $2000 and I came close to stealing a brand new Honda. This is no Mercedes and there was like 12 of them for sale, so one could say it is a buyers market for Honda Rebels. Its just the opposite on this SLK, there aren't a ton of these for sale and far fewer to none with this few miles in this condition, so I'd say its pretty much a sellers market on this car. That and she really doesn't need or have to sell. She's not needing to cash out or open up space in the garage, it's purely optional for her to sell. So my advice was the more time she has that she can wait, the better chance someone will step up see the car for what it is and make a reasonable offer close to her asking price. I think all that is fairly reasonable.

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