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Nitroracer (Forum Supporter) UltraDork
1/16/21 1:34 p.m.

Not Mine - Not Affiliated - But too interesting not to share, I've never seen one of these in the States before.

1969 Opel Rekord + 1967 Commodore

Selling my 1969 Opel Rekord C 2-door sedan with about 64000 original miles. 4 speed manual on the tree! I own it since 12 years and put about 40kmiles on it myself. Clear VA title in my name. Very reliable, starts every time and runs and stops as it should. A bit rusty around the edges, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. New quarter panels included. Extra side glass included.

Included in the price is a 1967 Opel Commodore with a bill of sale, exterior, floors are totally rust free and absolutely no bondo or body filler. Never wrecked. Stalled restoration.

There is hidden rust behind the fenders, which includes part of the light buckets and part of the A-pillar on the driver side beneath the windshield.

It's the same body style as my '69 Rekord, except for having two additional doors. Same roof dimensions (plus mechanical sunroof), same wheelbase, 2.5 liter inline 6 engine. Reinforced body for higher speeds! 2 speed power glide already has been rebuilt. Car is in pieces for restoration but ran great before dismantling. All parts included plus extra spares.

You may also purchase just the '69 Rekord or the '67 Commodore 6 separately! $4,250 OBO for the '69 and $3,250 OBO for the '67 Commo.

Will consider trade for portable sawmill, saw mill on trailer, bucket truck of equal value, single axle enclosed trailer/s 6 x 12 ft, small fork lift, log skidder, etc...

Make a reasonable offer, wear a mask and be nice, then you will get yourself a whole pile of Opel Nirvana schnitzel!



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