slowbird Reader
7/12/19 6:43 p.m.

I can't help it...I'm drawn in by three things: Fords, bright colors, and shiny objects. I was on my way to the store but after I left there I swung back around and got pics of these two very different cars. Not sure if they'd want their contact info posted online but I took pics of both so I have the phone numbers that each listed; I could share via PM if anyone wants to contact the respective sellers.

First, the cheap one (this is GRM after all): I've seen this Crown Vic driving around quite a few times and I think I know where the owner lives. Looks cool to me with the painted steel wheels, but YMMV on that. The whole thing is brown...interior, exterior, underneath-terior...ok well it is a PA car so rust may be to blame for that. Some rust bubbling up the paint in spots also, and the visible lack of clearcoat on the horizontal surfaces. That said, it's a Panther and it should be Gastropod eligible. "$1800 cash" it said on the sign. Almost assuredly has the non-HO 5.0.



Second is this screaming blue zonker of a WRX...STI...Subaru thing. Is that a factory color? I assume not. Did they make the STI in this generation? No idea. How much do they want for it? Didn't see it listed on the sign. Is the  bumper misaligned slightly on the right rear because they did a snow rally and clipped a snowbank? Probably not. It has a Cobb sticker on the window and I can't resist it's It's bluetiful. It blue by you. Does that blue moon ever shine on you...nevermind.

moxnix HalfDork
7/12/19 7:09 p.m.

Looks like the factory 2016 HyperBlue color. 

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