sharkva New Reader
9/22/15 7:59 p.m.

Hey guys - I thought this would be the right crowd for this car. I am looking to sell my Superlite Coupe. Clear title, licensed, registered & driven on the street. This car has NEVER been tracked or abused. I am the original buyer/owner.

Since the "rollers" are fairly "standard" I'll list some of the items that immediately come to mind on mine - for more details visit the Manuf. website. I have the complete build manual along with pictures of build.

Isis Electrical system---

Painted body---

adjustable pedal box---

Complete Rebuilt by G-Box - Porsche G96.50 trans-axle with Gikken OS LSD---

RaceLogic Traction control system with digital controller---

Tillet B5 Full Carbon fiber seats B5/C/GRP/SU - with Dinamica® suede covering)---

TB3 Floor mount brackets B4 (pair)---

Heat and A/C - operational---

GM New crate LS376 (480hp) motor with GM ECM/wiring harness---

Approx. 2600 miles.

Regarding the Porsche trans-axle: The G96.50 is the Porsche box of choice. A large percentage of builders are using the less expensive G50 series that does not have the preferable gearing choice or strength - the G50 is an “older” box and just not as strong as the G96 series.

Price: $89.9K

I apologize for not having a link yet to a drop photo box account, so I'LL link to the advert that does have at least one photo. Many more available if you have true interest -- Thx, Mike

Car is located in middle Virginia, USA

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