McJimbo New Reader
9/9/22 10:49 p.m.

Hey Guys, not sure what happened when I tried to post this yesterday but it didn't go through. 

I started this build for this year's GRM Challenge with my son and things were going well until a rusted control arm broke.  When I went to replace it I realized the the subframes are rusted out and it's beyond my skills/time/tools/driveway to get into replacing them.  it's a 2003 Focus SVT with 70k miles, 6sp manual. Needs control arm and cv axle repaired (New parts included, still in boxes). Gutted it for the challenge. Includes full EAP interior with leather Recaros in good condition (small seam tear on driver’s seat), extra set of 16” focus wheels, extra hood, Magnaflow cat-back, Sparco driver’s seat base (seat not included), K&N Drop in, spark plugs, spark plug wire set, even have the cargo net and original owners manual. All new brake rotors and pads, coil pack and wire harness, O2 sensors installed. Engine runs great, clutch seems good, shell is solid. Buy the package, sell off all the interior bits and extras on eBay and have plenty of money left in your Challenge budget for an ebay turbo! Must be towed (see picture). Located in NJ near Philadelphia, $2200 obo

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