patinum New Reader
9/15/16 9:33 a.m.

I've decided to actively try to sell my S2000(s).

1) 2006 S2000 rebuilt title prepped for TTC that dropped a valve (will be referred to as "Track car")

2) 2006 S2000 in rear end collision purchased for the motor. (Will be referred to as "donor")

Looking for $17k obo for both cars and spares. You could probably make back $2k from parting out what you don't need from the donor.

Track Car: Track Car

Gingerman lap record holder (1:40.048). Does 1:43's on BFG Rival (non-s)

Autobahn South - half second behind lap record

Rebuilt title

Color - lots

  • original color was suzuka blue. I purchased with mismatched panels. Front bumper, both front fenders, both doors, and hood have been replaced with Laguna blue panels. Lots of chips but all the same color from 2 cars. I wrapped the back black and added some stripes. Looks pretty good but the wrap job isn't great because I did it myself. Car will come with spare doors, fenders, and hood.
  • Gutted from the seats back
  • Removed radio
  • Removed airbags (still have)
  • Removed center console
  • welded in custom 4pt roll bar by Red Mist
  • Gt motoring Carbon fiber hardtop with lexan rear window (probably one of the lightest roofs made)
  • Kognition chassis mount wing
  • AST 4100 shocks - aluminum (could use revalve)
  • Berk UHV titanium Exhaust
  • Plm header and test pipe
  • Custom intake by ProFunction
  • Hondata Flashpro with Mikey tune
  • Girodisc 2 piece rotors (3 track days)
  • Brake ducts (may need new ducting)
  • Enkei rpf1 17x9 +45 - 1 set
  • Enkei pf01 17x9 +60 - 1 set
  • Enkei rpf1 17x9.5 +38 - 1 set
  • Tr motorsports 17x9 +62 - 1 set
  • Hoosiers R7 225 - 10(?) Used
  • Maxxis Rc1 235 - 6(?) Almost new
  • Big rival - pretty much done
  • Re71r - pretty much done
  • Delrin bushings for added camber
  • Sparco evo seats (expired for w2w)
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • Gforce harness (expired for w2w)
  • Stealth hitch
  • Spare fenders
  • Spare hood
  • Spare doors
  • Wasp splitter (not currently installed)
  • Spare upper control arms with offset bushings.
  • New in box Canton oil pan
  • New in box billet innovative motor mounts
  • OEM radio (out of the car)
  • OEM steering wheel (out of the car)
  • OEM air bags (out of the car)
  • Rear wheel bearings replaced this year. (3 track days)
  • Yearly diff, trans, and brake fluid flush.
  • Clutch feels good.

Race trim was 217whp @ 2715lbs. (Dyno'd at 215 with a BIG bump in the midrange)

Issues with the track car: - Was rebuilt tile when I bought it. Found damage to front passenger side under the fender and Bondo on drivers door (replaced the door) and rear fender. - Not getting as much camber as expected with the offset delrin bushings. Got the frame pulled to spec and was able to get closer but not quite as much as expected. Was going to transfer the subframe from the donor. Offset ball joints should be able to get you as much as you need. - Removed windshield wiper fluid tank - Grease leaking from axle boot. Got a replacement duralast axle and also one from the donor. - Rear trunk was cut for chassis mount wing - didn't do a great job cutting. - Front abs/speed sensor was stuck and snapped so I cut the cable. Can replace from donor.

What I think went wrong: When running Hoosiers I would occasionally lose power coming out of a double apex hairpin. Thought this was fuel starvation since I would run low fuel to minimize weight. Retrospectively this might have been oil starvation (hence the new oil pan).

I started to disconnect everything for the swap. I'm still going to work on it but if someone wants to finish the project is be greatful$

Donor car:

Donor car:

  • 2006 s2000 with 83k miles
  • Rear passenger collision
  • Bought from previous owner at the tow yard.
  • Drove the car onto a the trailer.
  • Took out the soft top and sold.
  • Digging through the car I didn't find evidence of any aftermarket parts.
  • Parted out some random interior parts (including the center console)
  • Sold passenger fender
  • Front bumper and drivers fender are scratched and dented.
  • Doors are good
  • Drivers seat torn. Passenger is good.
  • Airbags intact.
  • Started to take out the dash but haven't remove the steering wheel yet.
  • Headlights sold
  • Wheels are scuffed. 1 has some deep scratches
  • Car is definitely good for parts for the track car as well as make some money from parting out.
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