KonaBoss Reader
7/27/21 5:33 p.m.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an opportunity to own your own slice of 'Murica, a 1984 AMC Eagle Wagon. The down and dirty details:

1. Its RAD, and only $3500

2. It has a V8 (AMC 360 Swapped in)

3. Its RAD

4. Its still has 4WD with a transfer case

5. Lifted 3" with V8 Javelin front springs and cherokee add-a-leafs in the rear

6. Sweet tubular offroad bumpers, with rear tow hitch and front winch mounting provisions (very nicely done bumpers)

7. Bald eagle headliner

8. Skid plates front and rear (front is currently off, sitting in the vehicle)

9. Lots of spare parts (Front diff, transfer case, full size spare with good offroad tire, front upper control arm bushings, all parts for another new front wheel bearing, original fender flares, original front and rear bumpers)

10. The chassis is from North Carolina, so it is relatively clean for the age. Much better than anything here in the rust belt

11. Clean, green Michigan title

The moment you have all been waiting for, the pics:


KonaBoss Reader
7/27/21 5:37 p.m.

A few more pics for those that want to know more and have made it past the first post:

KonaBoss Reader
7/27/21 6:33 p.m.

The specifics on the car:


Engine is an AMC 360 out of a mid to late 80's full size Jeep product (think grand wagoneer, CJ7, etc). Engine has the following:

     a. GM style HEI distributor

     b. Holley Street Avenger 600 4 barrel carb

     c. Brand new ford starter

     d. New tough stuff 1 wire 100A alternator

     e. Just went through and tuned the carburetor. Starts and runs great

     f. Has new water pump, distributor gear, timing chain set

     g. 3 core radiator out of a CJ7, spare aluminum radiator is included

     h. New thermostat and housing

     i. Has exhaust leak at the joint from the passengers side header to the Y pipe

     j. New fuel tank and new sending unit

Trans is a TorqueFight 727 3 speed Auto out of the same full size jeep product:

     a. Shift Kit

     b. Lokar transmission kickdown cable, I also recently adjusted this


     a. NP 129 transfer case, original AMC equipment. Comes with a spare

     b. Dana 30 independent front axle with vacuum disconnect - currently set up full time AWD, shift fork is locked engaged. Comes with a spare front axle

     c. Dana 35 solid rear axle

Suspension/Brakes/Wheels and tires:

     a. Lifted ~3" over stock with AMC Javelin V8 front springs, and an XJ Cherokee add-a-leaf rear

     b. Brakes recently re-done. Could use new brake lines, they are included with the sale

     c. Front upper control arm bushings are fairly dry-rotted. Moog replacements are included with the sale

     d. New front sway bar bushings

     e. New passengers side front wheel bearing. Drivers side is fine, but parts are included to replace that one since they are getting hard to find

     f. 15x8 mickey thompson classic III wheels with 31x10.5R15 tires. Tires have good tread life remaining

     g. Honestly, it could use new front CV shafts on both sides. They are $50 a piece on Rock Auto.


     a. Funtional aftermarket radio and speakers

     b. No A/C. V8 swap was done with no provisions to add it. Would take alot of work to get functional A/C

     c. Seats are in pretty good shape. No big holes/tears

     d. Seems to blow heat most of the time when moving, even when HVAC is off. I think the blend door may be stuck

     e. American eagle headliner. Pretty sweet

     f. Carpets are in pretty rough shape. Can buy new replacement carpet for $200


     a. Really nice tube bumpers front and rear. Front has provisions for winch mounting. Rear has 2" trailer hitch built in. Freshly primered and painted

     b. Rock sliders on the sides

     c. Skid plates front and rear

     d. Roof rails for mounting a roof rack

     e. Shell is very clean for an old eagle, very minimal rust


KonaBoss Reader
8/1/21 8:10 a.m.

Bump! Price drop to $3000 for those here on the forum. Also interested in trades of equivalent value

KonaBoss Reader
8/4/21 6:33 p.m.


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