kellym New Reader
7/20/19 11:08 a.m.

Hi All,

I purchased this truck as a project when I was 13, installed a 302 and drove it through high school then stored it in my patents barn. I pulled it out about 10 years ago, had all the metal work done on the cab and fenders by Saltflats speed shop in Utah - all metal finishing no plastic filler. 

Titled non-op in CA on original '34 plates 
Boxed frame, quick change rear axle, superbell dropped front axles, 302/AOD 

Perfect project to finish off how you want, I've come to the realization that I"m just not going to finish it ever.....

Frame, Cab/Doors, front fenders, grill, original running boards, two rear fenders (one is a 32 roadster fender), 2 beds (both need work), 302/AOD and a C4, vintage air front runner, new radiator, tanks inc tank with EFI fuel pump, disc brakes front and rear, power booster and many other parts to complete the build. I have all parts to assemble except for the glass.


More photos here:

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