kallikak New Reader
8/16/21 11:37 a.m.

1959 Edsel Ranger $5,000

4-door sedan

223 cu in. in-line 6 cylinder

3-speed manual transmission

122k miles

For sale is my 1959 Edsel Ranger. The vehicle is in excellent running and driving condition.

VIN: A9UF733259 is found on the Edsel registry.

Engine: 223 cu. in 6 cylinder. Modifications are Clifford 6=8 intake manifold, headers, and Weber carburetor, as well an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. Exhaust is a single 2.25” into a single muffler. The ignition has been converted to a Pertronix electronic ignition. The engine very well, however it does burn oil. I add a quart every couple hundred miles. Compression numbers are 135, 140, 110, 105, 125, 130. Aside from burning oil, it does run well, however, eventually the engine will need rebuilt or replaced. Transmission is a 3-speed manual. I have replaced the tailshaft bushing and slip yoke. Both u-joints are good. Rear axle is 3.50 ratio. Transmission and gear oil have been replaced.

Body: Exterior is very straight and is currently in white primer with a green two-tone. (Car was originally white). There are some scuffs but no major dents. Bodywork was done on the lower rear quarters by a previous owner. The frame is solid and the floors do not appear to ever have been replaced. The only rust of any significance on the car is in the trunk floor. These will need to be patched at some point. The original antenna location on the right front fender has been shaved and dual antennas mounted on the rear.

Suspension and brakes: Drum brakes in good working order all around; brakes were converted to a dual-circuit master cylinder. All shoes and drums have plenty of service life left. Brake lines and hoses are in good condition and were replaced by a previous owner. All ball joints and tie rods are tight with no play. Shocks, springs, and bushings are in good condition. Wheels and tires are new last year.

Interior: Interior is all original with exception of new carpet and rear package tray. Front seat has some splitting and top of rear seat has sun damage. The headliner is in excellent condition. Door panels are in great shape with only minor wear. All door locks and windows work as they should. All dash lights, vents, blower motor, and defrost/heat controls work.

What doesn’t work: Original radio is intact but not hooked up. Clock is not hooked up. I have not tried to hook up either. Windshield wipers were converted to electric but not wired. I have never driven this car in the rain and I have not investigated these. Backup lights are not hooked up.

Modifications: Intake, exhaust, carburetor, fake fur added to rear package tray, aftermarket stereo added under dash, front antenna shaved, dual rear antennas mounted.

Extra parts: Included is an extra 223 engine, although it is stuck. I have not torn it apart to see if it is rebuildable or not. Original intake, carb, and air cleaner are included, however the exhaust manifold is cracked. Original fuel/vacuum pump (needs rebuilt), extra set of taillight housings.

Vehicle history: The Edsel Registry shows the car came from Grand Junction, Colorado in 2010, when it was purchased by the previous owner and brought to Omaha. There is a 1976 Nebraska registration sticker indicating it was in Scottsbluff, NE at the time. Oil change stickers found on the car show mileage 23k in 1962 and 92k in 1969.



402 201 4387


Robbie (Forum Supporter)
Robbie (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
8/18/21 8:59 p.m.

That is cool!!

clutchsmoke UltraDork
8/18/21 10:05 p.m.

That seems like a steal for an old classic. GLWS!

kallikak New Reader
8/19/21 5:41 p.m.

A deposit has been placed and the car is pending sale. Thanks!

kallikak New Reader
8/25/21 6:08 p.m.

Car is sold.

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