bondracer7 New Reader
7/19/19 12:37 p.m.

1965 Jaguar 3.8 S, 4 speed, all synchro with OD. Original Opalescent Blue exterior and blue interior. Odometer reads about 11K miles, probably not correct. Needs paint and interior.  Car is basically an E-Type with a sedan body; it has the 3.8 DOHC in line 6 but with only 2 carbs, a full syncro 4speed with overdrive, 4 wheel power disc brakes with the typical Jag IRS including a LSD....pretty advanced for 1965.

This 1965 Jag my dad and I bought in 2016 out of a barn up by Lake Texoma. The owner had died and left it to his son and it hadn't run since about 2001 the son said. His father was in the process of having it painted and semi restored when he died. It was non running, but able to turn over so we bought it as a project for my 80 year old dad to tinker on. We have put about $9K into the car... just about everything mechanical has been refreshed... the addition of Coopercraft front brakes, completely rebuilt brake & clutch systems (new cylinders, brake servo, rear calipers, brake lines, etc). Fuel system and carbs overhauled. Pan dropped and cleaned, bearing inspected (good), and spin on oil filter added. New complete stainless steel exhaust, and every bushing, bearing, and also the shocks in the front and rear suspension have been replaced (all parts cleaned and painted also). Radiator was sent out for rebuild, as were the fuel tanks flushed and cleaned out. Replacement Solid state fuel pumps replace the old SU units. My dad has enjoyed the ride of getting this cool car mechanically sorted out and running but he we have no prior experience of painting bodywork and redoing the interior, so we have decided to try and sell it in lieu of paying for these services.

I have many, many photos of the car in the state we got it and throughout the rebuild process and can direct you to my google photo album it you desire to see them. My dad also kept all the receipts and records along the way.

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