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Hasbro (Forum Supporter) SuperDork
12/30/20 7:51 p.m.

If anyone is interested in these projects or can suggest an auction website please let me know. I can field only preliminary questions to a point but can get more info. 

I drove to Jacksonville (and back Tuesday in 12 hours) to buy some Dallara parts from this guy. He has too many projects and wants to simplify his life (sound familiar). He's only keeping his Dallara X1/9 project. The seller is a super nice guy from South Africa and operates a business in Jacksonville. 

All are projects, and in pieces. Most are in the Jacksonville Fl. area but the GTV6 is in Washington state. I absolutely have no pony in this race.

1953 Morgan Plus 4 - Mostly disassembled

1969 Volvo P1900S - Also in parts, all new interior

1983 GTV6 - $30k so far in resto, 4k, close ratio tranny, Washington state. 

1973 Volvo 1800ES Wagon - unrestored

1973 VW Fastback- Didn't see but running two years ago, about to be painted

1974, I think, Wide fenders,five lug axles

I saw the two Volvos and 914. The 1800s shell looks pretty good, lots of work. Would love to have this or the 914 as a project. The wagon needs a full resto, not sure about the 914 condition as it was in a corner and I was in a rush - but damn, it's a widebody.

He's really looking for a place to auction these but I thought maybe someone here could circumvent that process. Bear with me if the communications are awkward as I'm not really sure how this will pan out but we shall see.


Hasbro (Forum Supporter)
Hasbro (Forum Supporter) SuperDork
12/31/20 4:50 p.m.
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