Dashpot New Reader
12/10/10 4:21 p.m.

I see Series 3 & 4 Spiders out there with ~50K on them for 3 -10 grand. I've never driven one, or know anyone who has, but I'm curious. They looked to be pretty advanced in the 60's with the competiton passing them by in the 90's. So my questions are:

How do they drive? Lots of personality? Any enthusiasts on the board?

From a distance I see them as an alternative to the MGB, but would probably be shopped against a TR6. Any comments or 1st hand experience?

oldtin Dork
12/11/10 11:15 a.m.

Better dynamically than an MGB and aesthetically (except for the GT)- although the duettos were better looking than later kamm tails. Parts are harder/more expensive to come by than an MG or Triumph. Some say you're not a true enthusiast until you've had at least one Alfa.

alfabeach New Reader
12/12/10 5:02 p.m.

I love my 89 Spider Graduate. Electrics all Bosch, series 4 have power steering, making it easy to drive around town. Most parts easy to get.

racerdave600 HalfDork
12/13/10 9:25 a.m.

I've owned numerous versions of them, including one bought new in the '80's. I loved them. They aren't as fast as say a Miata, but the driving experience is pure Italian. You really need to go sit in one and drive it before you buy though. The seating position is not for everyone.

As for problems, i never really had very many. I tried to buy the best cars I could and maintain them by the book, no exceptions. I only had one failure that didn't allow me to get home, and that was caused by a mechanic that didn't re-attach the injection pieces correctly after a valve adjustment.

I loved mine and may one day buy another one. I'd also look at Fiat Spiders as they have pretty much the same driving experience. I don't think they look as good though.

Andy Reid
Andy Reid Auction Editor
12/13/10 11:01 a.m.

I have had quite a few of these as well. I love the series 4 car with the exception of the horrid airbag steering wheel and the annoying knee guard. The airbag wheel is replaceable with the euro model from the alfaholics website and you get used to the knee guards under the dash.

My vote is for a 83-85 series 3 Bosch car before it received the dash redesign or a series 4 car with the euro style steering wheel swap.

If you spend 4-6 grand you will end up with a nice car. Do be sure to get a pre-purchase inspection before spending your hard earned cash. Having owned Alfa's and Fiat's I lean towards the later Alfa as it is pretties and the engine is nicer.

Also the Alfa is likely to increase in value as time goes on. These are neat cars and I will own another.

The Alfa spider is low priced and a true Italian exotic with Racing history and is a terrific value for the costs involved.

Dashpot New Reader
12/14/10 6:24 a.m.

Thanks Guys, your comments and experiences are appreciated.

Andy Reid
Andy Reid Auction Editor
12/14/10 11:05 a.m.

Go ahead, do it. They are awesome cars.

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