John Webber
John Webber
5/21/20 8:03 a.m.

Story by John Webber • Photography as Credited

You’ve detailed your ride and it’s never looked better. It’s a bright Saturday morning, and you’re cruising to a cars and coffee gathering, ready for a double shot of chrome and caffeine.

Traffic is light, but you get caught at a long red. Waiting, you glance up and catch a fast-moving blur in your mirror, accompanied by the wail of locked-up tires.

A tick later: wham! The driver behind–checking a text message, as it turns out–didn’t see the stopped traffic. Steaming, you jump out, primed to inflict bodily harm.

But fortunately for the cell phone junkie (and probably you, too), a cop rolls up behind you two. After the red mist clears, you realize it could’ve been worse:There were no injuries, the other driver was clearly at fault (the citation proves it), and they have insurance. But your pride and joy, accident-free all these years and still wearing its original paint, is wrinkled up. You feel sick. Will it ever be the same?

Unfortunately, after it’s repaired, potential buyers will ask the same question. In fact, many won’t touch a car with a vehicle history report that shows accident damage and repair. Sadly, no cars and coffee for you today. You’re about to take a dip into the murky waters of diminished value.

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Coupefan Reader
5/21/20 10:48 p.m.

Reading that article on diminished value increased my heart rate, no joke.  And the situation hasn't happened to me. 

sir_mike New Reader
5/22/20 8:35 a.m.

I live in PA and had an accident with a NJ driver who was here visiting.The accident was clearly his fault and he was charged.My antique policy paid the claim to fix my car...around $7500.After repairs completed I filed a DV claim with his laughed at first but when he checked on type of my car and saw they are rare he wrote a check for what I asked for.No lawyers were involved.And my passengers med claims were all paid....2 broked bones in her back...and she rec'd a nice settlement from his ins co treated us fairly.

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