John Webber
John Webber
2/9/21 10:31 a.m.

At a British car show in Central Florida, one entry in the modified class is drawing way more than its share of attention. A gaggle of enthusiasts, cameras clicking, crowds around. They all want to know what it is because without a close peek at a badge, none has a clue. 

The object of this c…

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OCMSRZR New Reader
2/15/21 7:01 p.m.

I had one of those in the 1990's.  Bought it from a woman in San Francisco.  She cried when I drove it away. 

The car was red.  I installed the uprated Kent crossflow and a 5 speed transmission from a Merkur.

About 5 years later I sold in to a museum in Burbank California.  In about 1998.

The buyer called me regarding the ad and asked how much he needed to add to the price for my plane ticket home and when could I drop the car off.  The next day an overnight letter arrived with a cashiers check.  Two days later I drove up to his "museum".  It was actually an exquisite private collection of automobiles for the movie industry.  He spent two hours showing me around.  Amazing!

Of all the classic cars I have owned, that is the one I wish I still had. 

My Capri is the red one.  The white one was owned by a guy named Dave.  He also sold it to the same "museum". 

And similar to what John Webber noted in the original article, we could only locate about 13 of the cars across all of the United States.  That included the unrestorable rusted hulks, which I think numbered two.


Nads New Reader
1/24/22 11:10 a.m.

That's fantastic. 

Don2001l New Reader
2/16/22 8:48 p.m.

Really nice, tastefully done !

Looks like Tom Hanks is driving it ?

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