Ed Higginbotham
Ed Higginbotham Associate Editor
1/2/17 2:40 p.m.

Looking for a classic sports car to enjoy the upcoming Spring season? Streetside Classics is offering this 1959 MGA for $16,995. According to Hagerty, that's halfway between #3 and #4 value. This car hasn't been restored and reportedly is not completely stock, but looks like it is in good running …

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petegossett UltimaDork
1/2/17 7:14 p.m.

I'm curious about the history of this car. It sure looks like & has similar mods to one that used to autox regularly with us in Central-IL in the late-90's. The owner was from Chicago & would drive it the ~2.5-hours each way. He did quite well in HS at that time.

wspohn HalfDork
1/5/17 9:29 a.m.

1489 cc engines give 72 bhp (a few less on the very earliest cars), the 1588 gives 79 bhp and the 1622 gives c. 90 (best of all Twin Cam gives 108).

Best mod on the cars is to either make sure the front drum brakes are in perfect condition or upgrade to front discs.

That looks like a very decent car at a fair price. Several minor issues in regard to originality, but if you don't want to concours, just drive it, its a good buy.

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