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3/8/24 8:22 a.m.

Story by Victor Rugg

Did you ever hear anyone say a car is just a car? It just gets you from one place to another, so why bother with antique or sports cars?

My reply: “When you went to an amusement park, did you just go on one ride? Did you have fun and wish it would never end?”


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Tomwas1 New Reader
3/9/24 10:39 p.m.

Great info throughout your article... I worked for a living until retiring 6 years ago... But was always flipping cars and buying and driving what I enjoyed owning. In my 20s I had a 70 mgb roadster, 1938 Buick and 1952 Buick special sedans all at the same time. Got into rear drive 2 7 and 940 four cylinder rear drive volvos, some of the best cars ever bui!t. Even had 3 780 turbo 4 Bertone coupes... Actually lost track of volvos I owned at 100, was buying and selling at least 6 of them per year. Had three cool I64s my first year flipping them... Got involved with Datsun/Nissan zcars, owning 18 s130 and z31cars, last one was a z33 roadster, fantastic car. Had a 90 c4 vette, 04 Chrysler crossfire. probably on my 28th or so BMW, including 2 e36 m3s. Four e34 sedans, multiple other e36s, 7 e30s, 5 of those being convertibles. Even a grey market 745 turbo sedan.. Just sold my 99 e39 528msport sedan due to a friend, a previous BMW purchaser, offering me a gorgeous 98 328 sedan he built into an msport of sorts over the last 5 years and completely going through the car and all the typical BMW wear items.. Also have an 09 mustang convertible purchased in Oct from the 2nd owner with 94k miles. Great Vista blue, 4.0 v6 pony package car. Last year for the 05 to 09 retro introduction and truest to the oldies stang... My pride and joy is a 1963 Mercury comet s22 convertible exactly like my first car at 17 that my brother had given me upon his entering the marines. I spotted it on Craigslist it had been sitting in a Manhattan parking deck for 10 years just off of times square... Got that one 16 months ago with 60k miles and it now has 70k.. 170 cu in 6 cylinder and two sp Merc o matic transmission. Can't get out of its own way but what a joy to cruise in... Thanking God I'm 72 and still able to enjoy my cars and hobby I've had a blast at for so many years now...

Warlock New Reader
5/17/24 11:38 a.m.

Not only an amusement park, but one that moves.  My '63 truck is its own parade -- at every stop light, someone rolls down a window (compliment enough in the Florida summer heat!) to ask questions or talk about it.   

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