Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
8/4/22 4:11 p.m.

What do you do after creating and then selling not one, but two commercial cabinetry manufacturers? That’s right, you go all out and assemble an eclectic collection of over 120 cars, motorcycles and boats–plus a sizable assortment of automobilia.

That’s exactly the story behind t…

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wspohn SuperDork
8/5/22 11:17 a.m.

Concours types should shy away from this sale - the owner submitted many of his cars to modifications that range from interesting to 'well, that one didn't work out so well'.

The latter includes an MGA Twin Cam with what looks vaguely like what happens if an XKE had backed into it...

Everyone has the right to do whatever they want to cars they own, but it isn't necessarily going to  be greeted with equal delight in the market at large.....


But do note that there are some pretty cool cars in the collection. I'd be tempted by the 1935 PB Coupe - very rare ad pretty neat.

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