Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
1/13/14 4:34 p.m.

From a modification standpoint, there is not much you can do to modify an original “wet” suspension Mini Cooper. As we have said all along, our intent is to leave our Mini Cooper nearly stock. That said, we are racers at heart and couldn’t resist tinkering a little, as long as whatever we did was easily reversible.

In the trove of extra parts that our project car came with were a set of Leyland factory progressive bump stops. We asked Mini Mania’s Don Racine what he thought of these bump stops. They're longer, so they keep the Mini from diving as much as it would on stock bump stops do. Don told us they were an absolute must on Hydrolastic-equipped cars. MiniMania sells replicas of these competition units and the kit runs about $100 for the whole car.

It was an itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny rally-winning project Mini. Subscribe to Classic Motorsports and get them in your mailbox.

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