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flyingagarage New Reader
10/20/20 1:22 p.m.

Car: 1937 Horch 853 Sport Phaeton

Owners: Aaron & Valerie Weiss

Location: Pasadena, CA

Proposed Class: European Coachwork (Prewar)


1937 Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet Coachwork by Gläser-Karosserie


Chassis no. 853509                Motor no. 851083


Particularly popular among the wealthiest European motoring connoisseurs was the Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet bodied by Gläser-Karosserie GmbH of Dresden, each selling for RM 14,900. Of fewer than 50 surviving examples, the cars that have fared the best are those which were brought into the United States following World War II. which generally were better cared for than those which migrated to Soviet Bloc countries.

Chassis no. 853509, one of those fortunate examples, was originally delivered by Merz & Pabst of Stuttgart, a firm which remains in operation to this day. In the early 1960s, a U.S. Army Captain from Massachusetts sold it to Walter Sodano, then of Massachusetts and later of Manchester, Connecticut. Mr. Sodano was a Horch enthusiast, who, later in the 1960s, would acquire a second, nearly identical 853 cabriolet. He retained both cars until 1999 when they were sold to Butch Gordon, of the newly established Manchester Motor Car Company.

Gordon would retain chassis no. 853509 until 2004, after which it was owned for a number of years by a Belgian owner It then passed to the well-known German specialists Horch-Classic, who sold it in 2011 to Silvia and Deiter Roth of Zwickau. The Roths performed a cosmetic restoration and after half a decade it returned to the United States once again with Valerie & Aaron Weiss in 2016.

Aiming for a more comprehensive restoration, exhaustive research was performed, including finding an original 853 Cabriolet and photographing it in-detail. The car retains its original chassis, engine, and body, as well as its original identification tags throughout, and great care has been taken to ensure that it would be as correct as possible. Its appearance would mark the first time that this car has ever appeared at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, as well as its first showing following the completion of the restoration.

Joseph Salvo
Joseph Salvo New Reader
10/20/20 7:52 p.m.

1967 Porsche 911 S Soft Window Targa

Joseph and Shella Salvo

Newport Beach, CA

Classes: Porsche & Sports & GT 1960 - 1969

Concours Sponsor - San Marino Motor Classic (SMMC)

In 1965, Porsche introduced the 911 to replace the 356 and the 911 went on to be, arguably, the most successful car design in the world as it is still used today. In 1967, Porsche introduced the first "S" model which for the 900 series of Porsche completed the line in the same manner as the 356 (Normal, Super and Carrera). The 911 S had all the equipment of the previous 911, plus many new goodies, plus the 160-bhp engine and appropriately improved brakes and suspension. These improvements garnered an additional sales premium of over $1,000 versus a standard 911, or approximately $7,231 retail, expensive but it is a Porsche. Road & Track's 911 S summary in 1967 was "a superb GT car...everything a Porsche should be - and more..."

1967 was also the first year for the new "Targa" Top. Porsche needed a replacement for the phenomenally successful 356 convertible, but they were very concerned about pending US Regulations concerning convertibles. So, Porsche designed their new convertible with a built-in roll over hoop and covered it with a decorative stainless-steel strip. Porsche then affixed a soft window to the rear of the car so it could be "unzipped" and dropped to make the car a convertible with a roll over hoop. In 1967, the soft window was standard, and the hard window was an option. In 1968, the hard window was standard and the soft window an option. And by the early 1970’s the soft window had all but disappeared.

Also, of note is for 1967 and 1968 the 911 had a short wheel base and from 1969 on a long wheel base.

This car was originally imported by Volkswagen Pacific Inc. in Culver City CA in 1967. The car was delivered to Anderson & Amich and Chick Iverson (the owner of the first Orange County Porsche Dealership). Chick used the car for 2 years as his personal car and later sold it to Jack Howard Wells on November 15, 1969 for the sum of $6,912.00.

In August 2017, the Salvo's acquired the Porsche, it was all matching numbers and came with the Original Owner's Manual, Tools, Jack, License Plates, all the Documentation including Finance Documents, Maintenance Receipts and even some Vintage Photographs.

This 1967 Porsche 911 S Soft Window Targa is 1 of 483 built and all matching numbers (500160). Chick Iverson ordered the car in Special Order Silver Metallic (96024) paint with an optional Webasto Heater (006-627). The car was produced on 2/8/1967 with engine #961228, transmission #104308 (901/02), Black Leatherette/B interior and Dunlop Tires (165/15). An interesting side bar is Porsche was having challenges with the Silver Metallic paint in 1967 and had chosen NOT to paint cars in that specific color. Chick was able to get Porsche to paint his car in the difficult Silver Metallic making this car an extremely rare car out of the limited number of just 483 produced.


This 1967 Porsche 911 S Soft Window Targa (SWT) received a 22-month frame off, nut and bolt Concours Restoration to Factory Original by Car Parc USA - Early 911 Specialists in Costa Mesa, CA. For all restorations Car Parc consults Porsche Kardex/Build Sheet for accuracy. For restoration, the car was disassembled and extensively photographed and categorized. The car was media blasted and then fitted to a Celette frame table with correct Porsche Short Wheelbase fixtures to properly fit panels. When necessary replacement panels are sourced, and a great deal of time is taken to perfect the body “gaps”. The body is prepped for paint on the rotisserie and painted using epoxy primer and single stage Glasurit paint applied in the original Silver Metallic color.

The engine compartment, luggage compartment, bottom, underside, inside fenders and inside of doors are all painted with specially blended undercoating to replicate the factory finish. The dash is painted satin black and Wurth Wax oil is applied to all hollow sections of the car for added protection against rust.

The engine was completely dismantled and chemically cleaned. The casing’s line bore was professionally checked and kept standard. The magnafluxed crankshaft including flywheel and clutch are balanced. New pistons, rings, bearings, valves, valve guides, valve seats, timing chains, guides and tensioners, seals, oil hoses with correct 1967 braided lines are installed, and the oil reservoir is chemically cleaned. A new clutch plate, cover and release bearing are installed. Engine tin is powder coated black. The transmission is disassembled, chemically cleaned, and fully rebuilt. The suspension is powder coated black; A-arms, trailing arms, sub frames, etc. The steering rack and pinion are rebuilt. New ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm bushings, etc., etc., etc. New shock absorbers and inner/outer wheel bearings. Brake calipers are rebuilt, and new solid and flexible brake lines are installed. New vented brake rotors, brake pads and tires. Correct for 1967, original date matched 15 x 4.5” Fuchs have been refinished by Harvey Weidman and wrapped in period correct Pirelli Cinturato tires.

The interior is completely reupholstered by a specialized shop and installed by Car Parc. All gauges were restored by Palo Alto Gauge and installed by Car Parc.

Important Numbers: Engine # 961228 Trans # 104308 (901/02) Production Completion Date - 2/8/67

Optional Equipment Per the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity & Kardex: Sonderlackierung (Special Paint Silberm - Silver Metallic - 96024) - Websato Heater (006 - 627) - Dunlap Tires (165/15).

Th​​e car has won First Place in its Class in the 2019 La Jolla Concours d' Elegance, the 2019 San Marino Motor Classic, the 2019 Concours on the Ave in Carmel during Pebble Beach Week and the 2019 OC-PCA White Glove Concours. In the 2019 Art Center of Pasadena Car Classic the car was awarded Best German Design. In the AACA Western Fall Meet the car won First Place – First Junior Award, a 2019 National Award Nomination and a 2020 Zenith Award Nomination where 16 cars vie for Best Restoration of 2019 Car Meets from more than 3,000 cars judged. 2020 The Quail A Motorsports Gathering - Spirit of the Quail Finalist – 1 of 6 Finalists out of many entries.car has won First Place in its Class in the 2019 La Jolla Concours d' Elegance, the 2019 San Marino Motor Classic, the 2019 Concours on the Ave in Carmel during Pebble Beach Week and the 2019 OC-PCA White Glove Concours. In the 2019 Art Center of Pasadena Car Classic the car was awarded Best German Design. In the AACA Western Fall Meet the car won First Place – First Junior Award, a 2019 National Award Nomination and a 2020 Zenith Award Nomination where 16 cars vie for Best Restoration of 2019 Car Meets from more than 3,000 cars judged. 2020 The Quail A Motorsports Gathering - Spirit of the Quail Finalist – 1 of 6 Finalists out of many entries.

tysonhugie New Reader
10/20/20 11:07 p.m.
  • Car: 1999 Acura 2.3CL Premium - Milano Red on Ivory Leather
  • Owner: Tyson Hugie
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Proposed Class(es): 1980s and 1990s (RADwood)
  • Details: As an Acura collector specifically dedicated to neo-classic cars of the 1980s and 1990s, this 1999 CL was the last car I needed to acquire in order to complete my collection of the entire 1996-98 Acura fleet (six cars). I also have Acuras from other eras. This CL is particularly rare because it was the last year of the first generation, and comes configured in a 1-year-only color and a manual transmission. Thanks for reading about my car.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34kZBtwSTn0



Rastro61 New Reader
10/21/20 12:19 a.m.

Car: 1956 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman Four-Door Hardtop

Owner: Gary Carr

Location: Pasadena, California

Proposed Class: American Antique, 1949-1969

Details: The four-door hardtop was a new body style for DeSoto in 1956, as was the Fireflite model. The Sportsman was the most expensive of the three versions on which the hardtop was offered. It was equipped with a 330 c.i.d. engine rated at 255 horsepower with a top speed of 108 mph. It weighed in at 3,970 pounds with Fireflite production at 3,350 units. The base price was $3,431; power seat was an option at $70 while optional power brakes were an additional $40. 

Little is known about the early history of this car other than it is an original California car coming from the Sacramento area. It was inherited by the son of the original owner, the son living in the Central Valley, year unknown. It was acquired by a well-known San Francisco collector in December 1989 with 84,000 miles. It became part of the current collection in October 1998. Restoration began in 1999 through 2000 to factory specifications as it is seen today. The factory color combination of Iridescent Plum and Iridescent Lavender is one of the most striking you will ever see. The interior is finished in lavender brocade and white leather. Options include power seat, power steering, power brakes, steering wheel clock, Mopar factory floor mat, wire wheels and above all, factory air conditioning. Including the power seat and power steering, equivalent cost of this car today would be $31,277. At 89,451 miles, only 5,451 miles have been added in the last 41 years. This car was "Best in Show" winner at the National DeSoto Meet/San Diego in 2017. As spokesman Groucho Mark would say, "It's Delightful, it's De-lovely, it's DeSoto!"

CincinnatiConcours New Reader
10/21/20 10:25 a.m.

1967 Ghia 450/SS Spyder
Owner(s): Wes Spryshak
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Proposed Class: European Coachwork Postwar
Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance Foundation

In the mid-1960’s, the 450/ss Spyder was a creative production of the talented and world-renowned automotive designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, during his association with Carrozzeria Ghia, the distinguished Italian design studio and custom coach builder. The 450/ss was targeted for sale to the international “Ultra-Exclusive / Luxury / Performance Touring” automotive market niche.

The 450/ss design concept was initially unveiled at the Turin International Auto Show in 1966 and was featured on the covers of SPORTSCAR GRAPHIC in October, 1966 and MOTOR TREND in April, 1966.

The 450/ss Spyder was individually coach-built and was produced in limited numbers through 1967. It utilized a combination of tubular frame rails and monocoque construction. Each unit was totally hand-fabricated in steel, resulting in a sleek, handformed body with a disappearing convertible soft-top. Supple English leather covers the “Recaro” sport seats and all interior panels. Instrumentation panels and controls are accented in burl walnut. Luxurious plush wool carpets the floor and trunk. The engine, drivetrain and chassis mechanical systems were engineered with the full cooperation and oversight of Chrysler corporation. Production specifications include modified Chrysler “Formula S” V-8 and high-performance components enhanced with disk brakes, “Koni” shock absorbers, “Borrani” wire wheels and “Pirelli Cinturato” high-speed radial tires.

This particular Ghia 450/ss has been owned by the current Cincinnati owner since 1985. Its condition and finish color have been restored to original. It has won numerous significant concours awards and has been featured in top collector automotive publications. It is serial number 34 of only 52 hand-crafted examples ever created by Ghia and, today, less than 28 are known to exist globally. With its optional airconditioning and removable steel hardtop roof, it sold for $13,100 in 1967.

CincinnatiConcours New Reader
10/21/20 10:45 a.m.

1932 Packard  904 Individual Custom Stationary Coupe by Dietrich
Owner(s): Gene Perkins
Location: Greenwood, Indiana
Proposed Class: American Antique 1932 - 1948
Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance Foundation



A true classic beauty, this 1932 Packard by Dietrich is coveted in the collector world.  Delivered new in California, it currently is one of only two known to exist.  Three times this Stationary Coupe has been invited to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and has won a class award all three times.  It was Best in Class there in 1966.  In 2016, Best of Show honors were bestowed on this car at the Cincinnati Concours.

The 5,045 pound Dietrich Packard is a Deluxe Eight model, equipped with vacuum assist clutch, Bijur lubricating system, 3-speed transmission and a wheel base of 147-1/2”.  Its horsepower is 39.2 and its tire size is 7:00x19.  Other features include chrome wire wheels, a luggage rack bumper, a single pilot-ray light and rumble seat.  An unusual feature is the side golf club door.  In 1932, this Depression Era automobile sold for $5,900.00.

This ’32 Packard was first restored by Harold Crosby in 1963 and was recently restored in Canada by Malcolm Campbell in 2015.  It is currently owned by Gene Perkins of Greenwood, Indiana.

CincinnatiConcours New Reader
10/21/20 12:00 p.m.

1967 Bizzarrini V-12 P538
Owner: Van Horneff
Location: Saddle River, NJ
Proposed Class: Race Cars 1963 – 1972

Cincinnati Concours d'Elegance Foundation

Glotto Bizzarrini’s “Mona Lisa”

“When you see it, it’s so impossibly low and slinky you can’t help but grin; its history is shrouded in more controversy than the Kennedy assassination, its looks are otherworldly! Little children run out of their Italian country side homes to watch it pass, and grown men fall to the ground in supplication to their metal god. It’s a rolling four-alarm fire, a hazard to pedestrians, a testament to stubbornness, perseverance and one man’s singular vision. The Bizzarrini P538 is the distilled essence of the sports car, one of the most remarkable creations that ever came from man’s hands.”

Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car – July 2008

Glotto Bizzarrini started his career as a test driver for Alfa Romeo as did his friend Enzo Ferrari whom he would work for in the 1950’s. At Ferrari as test driver, then into development, working on the Testa Rossa and eventually leading a team of brilliant engineers that created the phenomenal 250 GTO. He later led the incident known as the “palace uprising” and “night of the long knifes” against Enzo Ferrari.

Opening his own consulting firm in Livorno, he engineered the Iso Grifo and the Iso Rivolta and others autos with a young designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. His next big commission was about just 10 miles from Ferrari, in a town called Saunt’Agata Bolognese a startup called Lamborghini. While working for them his crowning achievement was in designing the 3.5 –liter V12 that launched Lamborgini’s first car...the rest is history.

From 366 1963 – 1970 Scuderia Bizzarrini built perhaps 100 cars with his Badge on “production” A3/C and 5300GT road cars that were powered by a stock Corvette 327-cu.in V8. Under the Bizzarrini Badge there are eight (8) purposed-built P538’s for racing, mostly powered with the Corvette 327’s and only three (3) are powered with the Lamborghini V-12’s, 3.5 cc, 366 bhp, 6 Weber 40 DCOE 21 38mm 2-bbl carburetors, dual Bendix pumps and 5-spd. Transaxle. The P538 is undoubtedly the Mona Lisa of Italian automotive industry, whose creator was a mechanical engineer with an automotive pedigree, brilliance and vision like that of Picasso, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and other artists.

Owner: Van Horneff
Saddle River, New Jersey

CincinnatiConcours New Reader
10/21/20 12:25 p.m.

1968 Gulf Racing Ford GT40 Mk I #1076
Owner: Harry Yeaggy
Cincinnati, OH
Proposed Class: Ford vs Ferrari class
Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance Foundation

This Gulf Oil Company car, chassis number 1076, was entered in the 1969 24 Hours of LeMans driven by David Hobbs and Michael Hailwood. The car ws on pace to win the race when mechanical problems arose and lost a considerable amount of time in and out of the pits before the problem was found. Meanwhile, sister car number 1075 took over the lead and eventually won the race, just a few yards ahead of 908 Porsche, with this car, #1076 closely behind and finishing 2nd in class and 3rd overall. This example is one of the first race cars to use carbon fiber bodyworks and an on-board fire-extinguisher system. The rest of the story – at the end of the Le Mans race, owner John Wyer offered to sell this car to driver David Hobbs for $3,000. Hobbs replied, ‘I just spent 12 hours in that car, why would I want to buy it?’ The car also raced at Daytona and Sebring.

The 1969 Le Mans 24 Hour was the last hurrah for the GT40s, as their 4-year-long dominance was finally coming to an end. The factory team cars were eventually dispersed to museums or private ownership. CT40 #1076 was painted up to look like the famous 2-times Le Mans winner, sister car #1075 and was displayed in the Louvre in Paris after the race. In the late 1990s, #1076 was purchased by a collector who decided it was time for the car to return to its racing heritage. After much discussion and study, a start-of the-art restoration was commissioned to return #1076 back to its ‘most significant point in time.’

Photo Credit: Dave Wendt

CincinnatiConcours New Reader
10/22/20 9:15 a.m.

1937 BMW 328
Owner: Lance White
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Proposed Class: Preservation Class
Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance Foundation

Not every car becomes a race winner before it goes into production, but the BMW 328 did just that on June 14, 1936, when motorcycle ace Ernst Henne drove a prototype 928 to a dominant victory at the Nürburgring, winning the 71-mile sport car race by 2 minutes and 27 seconds.

The car shown here: Chassis #85029 is one such survivor, Built on May 21, 1937, it was delivered to the Stockfits and Zonen dealership in Rotterdam and purchased by Piet Nortier, who’d seen the 328 on display at the Berlin auto show. On June 3, 1939 Nortier drove #85029 to 1st place overall at the “Prijs von Zandovoort,” the first road race held at the Netherlands circuit that would later host the Dutch Grand Prix.

Fred Egloff, an author and historian from Wilmette, Illinois, as well as one of the founders of the BMW CCA’s Windy City chapter, Egloff had been looking for a 328 for years. In 1969, he purchased #85029 then partially disassembled, for $2,000. He restored it himself, retaining its competition-spec Alfin brakes and competition cam as well as the wheels that had been drilled for lightness after WWII. Egloff raced #85029 at tracks like Road America, the Algonquin Hillclimb, and Wilmot Hills before selling it to current owners Lance and Diane White in 2010.

10/22/20 9:47 a.m.

1927 Mercedes Model K Fleetwood Roadster

Owners: Michael and Joannie Rich

Location: Orwigsburg, PA

Proposed Class: Mercedes

In 1926 the Mercedes-Benz model K became the world’s fastest touring car with the top speed of nearly 100 mph. The letter K stood for “Kurz”, or short, as it used a shorten chassis based on the Mercedes-Benz 165 hp. The six cylinder engine was derived from the 630K, with a larger supercharger similar to the one fitted to the later S models. The body for this unique model K was ordered by William Sloan of New York, founder of Sloan Plumbing Products, after seeing the Isotta Fraschini Roaster bodied by Fleetwood for Rudolph Valentino at the 1926 New York Auto Salon. Michael and Joannie Rich acquired the car in 2018 and restored it back to its original glory and colors.



10/22/20 10:18 a.m.

Car: 1938 Lincoln Zephyr

Owner: Dave Jolly

Location: Norval Ontario Canada

Class: You choose, if any


I found this Lincoln in a barn in Ontario. It was in bad condition and missing the engine. I started a 15 year restoration/customization in my garage. I loved what Edsel Ford did to a 39 Zephyr to turn it into the first Continental, so I thought I would do my interpretation of that to a 38 Zephyr.

kabinenroller New Reader
10/22/20 8:53 p.m.

1957 Messerschmitt KR201 Roadster

Owner: Jim Garbo

Franksville, Wisconsin 

Class: Microcars


                                                   1957 Messerschmitt KR201 Roadster

  This Messerschmitt KR201 serial number 65766 was manufactured in August 1957 in Regensburg, Germany and is one of about 32 that were exported to the U.S.A. and Canada. 
The total production for the KR201 roadster was about 450 vehicles worldwide, and is the  lowest production 3 wheel model produced in the 9 years Messerschmitt cars were manufactured. (1955-1964) 

 This example is one of the lowest mileage KR201 roadsters known, with only 2,720 original miles. Once owned by the nationally recognized animal trainer Orin Benson, the car was neglected and put in storage for many years. It was purchased by the current owner in 2009, in 2013 a comprehensive factory correct restoration was performed by "The 'Schmitt Haus". All body and mechanical components were completely restored, the original hardware was returned to factory correct finish. Paint colors and finishes were duplicated to factory standards both interior and exterior. The folding roadster top was replicated in every detail including stitching and plating on the folding steel frame. All the original “201” specific features were retained as well as the KR201 specific black interior with red piping and "snakeskin" accents.
Since restoration this Messerschmitt has been displayed at selected Concours d’Elegance events in the United States and Canada.

                     1957 Messerschmitt KR201 Concours History 
•    2019 Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance (Ont. Canada) Best in Class
•    2016 Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance Best in Class
•    2014 Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance  (Ont. Canada) Best in Class
•    2013 Barrington Concours d’Elegance- Spirit of Buddy Pulumbo Award
•    2013 Celebration of the Automobile Indianapolis Motor Speedway- 3rd place
•    2011 Geneva Concours d’Elegance- Best in Class


CincinnatiConcours New Reader
10/23/20 9:30 a.m.

1965 Lotus Ford 38
Owner: Brad Jaeger
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Proposed Class: Race Cars 1963 – 1972
Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance Foundation

Built 1965 (fifth chassis built) from spares with symmetrical suspension and using some parts from the original 38/2. Used by Jim Clark at St Ursanne and Ollon-Villars 1965. For Jim Clark at the 1966 Indy 500 (#19 qualified 2nd, finished second). Sold to AJ Foyt and wrecked in practice at Milwaukee a week later when the suspension on the straight and the car hit the wall and burst into flames. Returned to the UK and rebuilt; returned to Foyt August 1966 but no further results known in 1966. Likely to have been the #84 Lotus 38 used by Foyt in the opening races of 1967, then by Gary Congdon at the Indy 500 when he was bumped. With the other Foyt 38s wrecked, this last survivor would be the car Foyt raced at Langhorne in July. Several years later, a ‘Coyote’ was raced in F5000 by Crockey Peterson, but photographs show that it was a Lotus 38, and it has been identified as 38/4. Later sold to Chuck Haines (St Louis, MO) and then to collector James L. Jaeger (Cincinnati, OH). Run at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 1997, 1998 and 2000. On display in the Speedway Museum March 2009. Ran again at Goodwood 2011. On display again at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in May 2015, where the history board said it was still owned by Jaeger. Appeared at the Historic Indycar Exhibition in May 2016, when the owner was shown as Brad Jaeger.

Driven by: Jim Clark, AJ Foyt, Bob Wente, Gary Congdon and Crockey Peterson. First race: St Ursanne-Les Rangiers, 22 Aug 1965. Total of 16 recorded races.

Photo Credit: Gary Kessler


CincinnatiConcours New Reader
10/23/20 12:31 p.m.

1960 Watson Offy Roadster – 1960 Indianapolis 500 Winner, Driven by Jim Rathmann
Owner: Robert McConnell
Location: Urbana, Ohio
Proposed Class: Race Cars 1946 - 1962
Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance Foundation

1960 Watson Roadster

This classic beauty is a powerful example of American racing history. In historical significance, the car participated in the Indianapolis 500 five times (1960 – 1964) and was the race winner in 1960 – driven by Jim Rathmann. It is a prime example of the power and beauty of the top cars in this era – or any era for that matter.

by the great A.J. Watson, the tube frame chassis carries 1,450 pounds which includes a 94 gallon fuel tank. The 255 C.I. Offenhauser engine produced 450 horses at 6,000 RPM. This historically significant Indycar is owned by Bob McConnell of Urbana, Ohio and post active racing, it was restored by Steve Miller, A.J. Watson and Classic Craft Motorsports and is a crown jewel of the McConnell Garage that focuses on preserving open wheel racing history.

Driven by: Jim Rathmann, Paul Russo, and Bob Harkey.

10/23/20 5:44 p.m.


bedfordbeau New Reader
10/23/20 5:46 p.m.

bedfordbeau New Reader
10/23/20 5:47 p.m.

bedfordbeau New Reader
10/23/20 5:47 p.m.

10/23/20 5:50 p.m.

car:   1954 Corvette

Owner: Steve Chaney

Location:  Vancouver Wa 98682

Proposed class:  American classic ( 1949-1969)

Details: Barn find, sat from 1960 till 2015. I restored it completly myself, off frame , numbers matching, nut and bolt correct all original. It took me 1 year to finish, 2200 hours.The car judged at NCRS , awarded Top Flight 97.4 points. The car was Judged at Forest Grove Concours and awared  1st in class/ best open car post war and was runner up for best in show 2 years consecutively.  Since the NCRS's Judging I have made most all correct correction to bring  my car to a possible 99 point score.  Forest Grove Concorse D E'legance  knows my car    

bedfordbeau New Reader
10/23/20 5:52 p.m.

10/24/20 11:54 a.m.

1 Car: 1958 Ferrari 250 Long Wheelbase Berlinetta (Tour de France)

2 Owner: Roy Brod

3 Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

4 Judging Class: Sports & GT Cars (1946-1959)

5 Description: The Ferrari 250 long wheelbase berlinetta (Tour de France) was sold new from the Ferrari factory to an Italian named Giovanni Ghersi. Ghersi raced it in several hill climbs including Pontedecimo-Giovi in the north of Genoa. Following Ghersi’s sale of the car in 1959, the car was owned by several Europeans in Switzerland, France and Belgium. As was the case with many of these race cars of that era, it was crashed and repaired. Edmund Pery, the Belgium owner raced the car in numerous historic events including Oldtimer-Grand Prix at Nurburing, historic Targa Florio and historic Mille Milgia.

It was exported out of Italy to the United States in 2006 and the New York owner had the car restored at the Ferrari factory in Italy. The restoration began in 2008 and was completed in 2010. It received the Ferrari Classiche Certification.

It won Best in Show at the Radnor Hunt Concours and the Art in Motion Concours in 2016.

The car was invited to participate by the Radnor Hunt Concours.


edward ericson
edward ericson
10/24/20 12:20 p.m.

Car: 1955 Porsche 550 RS Spyder tribute

Owner: Edward Ericson Jr.

Location: Joppa, MD

Proposed Class: Sport & GT Cars (1946-1959)(?)

I bought this unbuilt Thunder Ranch kit out of a Connecticut pole barn in 2017 and decided to make as period correct as possible, modeling it after 550-0051 and 550-0060. I sourced 914 gauges and had them rebuilt and refaced to 550 spec, bought reproduction barberpole vinyl, hand-formed and riveted the aluminum interior and underpan, fabricated frame extensions for working jack points, manifolds for the Autopulse fuel pumps, custom pedals, a fuel tank cover, working turn-key engine cover latches and dozens of other details not usually seen on replicas.

I budgeted a year to see it through; it took three.

bedfordbeau New Reader
10/24/20 4:57 p.m.

2 final documents for my 1952 Vincent Touring Rapide, 1 of 27- 32 made.  Thank you for your time and consideration.Great idea ,Gene Brown

bedfordbeau New Reader
10/24/20 4:58 p.m.

F40r New Reader
10/24/20 6:42 p.m.

Car: 2003 Enzo Ferrari

Owner: Lecha Khouri (Supercar Advocates)

Location: Los Angeles, California / Sydney

Proposed Class: Supercars

This Enzo (VIN 134280) was previously owned by the Sheikh of Kuwait. I hold all records since new, including all accessories that came with the car. 

Since in my ownership, the car has had a complete refresh, of which some examples include the removal of all the wheels, headlights, under trays and all sticky interior parts. 

All removed parts have been restored back to their original condition, and the Enzo (VIN 134280) now presents as new. 

Enjoy the images attached. I hope they speak true to the restored beauty and rarity of this iconic automobile. 


























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