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12/11/19 1:15 p.m.

Story by Johan Dillen • Photography by Dirk De Jager


That was the story for years, as prices for Porsche’s V8-powered coupe sat flat, barely worth a mention. Then, in 2016, this specific 928 became the most expensive example of the model ever to be auctioned off: Bonhams fetched $283,000 for it, tenfold the going price for a decent 928 at the time.

Of course, this is no normal 928. It’s a 1987 Porsche 928 Club Sport built one year before the variant was officially offered to the masses. Porsche used the Club Sport badge here in an attempt to give the 928 more sporting credentials among the 911-focused crowd.

The model certainly needed some legitimacy, because unlike the 911, the 928 didn’t really have any kind of competition record. Nevertheless, for a while Porsche was actually considering a future that didn’t include the 911. Buyers, however, made sure that company management understood that without the 911, there would be no Porsche brand.

The 928 looked promising on paper. Up front it had a big, water-cooled V8 engine; displacement climbed over the years from 4.5 liters to an even 5.0, and then all way to a 5.4 that produced 320 horsepower.

Horsepower can only do so much, though. True, its transaxle layout gave the 928 a finer balance than the 911, but it also weighed much more than Zuffenhausen’s eternal sports car. A dedicated 928 Club Sport, something that had been in the idea stages for a few years, was supposed to help give the model some much-needed luster.

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sir_mike New Reader
12/11/19 4:03 p.m.

Removed the sun visors??? To save weight?? That was stupid...

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