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9/15/17 2:37 p.m.

Story by James Heine

Among the mileposts we encounter in life, being told one has no more than 90 days to live is not one we would likely approach, or react to, with relish.

Yet that is exactly what Texas rancher, retired lawyer, wife, mom and now SVRA regular Susan Patterson did when she received this news.

Patterson is a breast cancer survivor, an aortic-valve heart-transplant survivor, and now an inflammatory cancer survivor.

“With the last cancer, the inflammatory cancer, they didn’t think the treatment would work,” Patterson explains. “So they said, ‘You’ve only got 90 days to live.’”

Patterson’s response?

“I said okay, there’s three things I want in life. I want a camel, a kangaroo, and I want to go 200 miles an hour. That was my 90-day bucket list.” That was nearly five years ago.

“And so, God is good,” Patterson adds, “and those bucket list items seemed to have helped heal me emotionally.”

We caught up with Patterson last summer at Road America’s WeatherTech International Challenge with Brian Redman, where she was campaigning her 1952 Devin MG Speedster TD.

While her Road America excursion was “just for fun,” Patterson has become a serious racer in SVRA, filling her weekend schedules with events at Sebring, Amelia Island, Mid- Ohio, Indianapolis and Coronado, among others, with NOLA presently on her list of upcoming SVRA dates. “I’m the number-one points person in the SVRA organization nationally,” she noted during our Road America interview.

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frenchyd HalfDork
9/27/17 3:50 p.m.

Good for her!  

I'm not sure how she got the required medical but the fact that she's racing is great!! 

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