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9/17/20 8:22 a.m.

Sponsored article presented by Fidanza Performance.

Fidanza Performance doesn’t enjoy the support of a multinational conglomerate, venture capitalists and a fleet of corporate jets. As an independent company solely dedicated to lightweight flywheels, it’s an underdog in today’s automotive world. 

“This industry was built by the small guy that just loved to figure out how to make the vehicles of the day faster and better than they were designed to be,” explains Jeff Jenkins, owner of Fidanza Performance. He joined the company as an independent sales associate before rising through the ranks to purchase the firm in 2013.

“That is our spirit and what makes the industry as great as it is,” he continues. “I am fighting the battle the way it used to be fought and have to compete head to head with the better-funded and larger entities, just like Lou Fidanza did.”

Jenkins draws similarities between Lou Fidanza’s championship race effort—the one that outran Nissan’s factory program with an aged Jaguar—and today’s company that bears the Fidanza name: both constantly striving to outperform those with deeper pockets and the privileges that they bring, including more resources, manpower and marketing reach.

“As an independent, Lou had to fight a lot of adversity to overcome the challenges that he faced when he was competing against the large race teams in his world. That was also the culture that he embodied here in business. We, as a small, independent company, are doing the same things today.”

A chat with company founder Lou Fidanza shows how that David-and-Goliath struggle goes back to the ’70s:

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