Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
8/14/08 8:22 p.m.

We have finished our Tiger and are now actively working on our Project Group 44 GT6 again. We just got invited to the Group 44 Reunion at the Amelia Island Concours in March, so we need to start working double-time to get the car finished.

Sometime in the early '70s, all four of our fenders (quarters in the rear) were butchered to allow wider tires for the last couple of years of the car's prior racing life. We decided that a parts car with a good nose was the best way to fix this problem. The Group 44 used a completely stock nose on the car. To keep this jewel as original as possible, we found a decent 1969 parts car for $300 that was close in serial number to our GT6.

A photo from the Daytona archives told us that when the car won the ARRC in 1969, it had all its glass, bumpers and marker lights. The parts car will supply some of these items. When we pulled the doors apart from the race car, we were dismayed to find that the inner door panels had all been cut out in the '70s. We will have to fix this problem as well.

We studied the cage and along with pictures of the car in the winners circle at Daytona. It was obvious that the car only ran the roll bar during that one triumphant race. However, since we want to be able to once again race this car, we are probably going to leave the cage. Plus, it was supposedly built in 1971 by Reeves Calloway. We have gotten with SVRA tech guru Jack Woehrle and showed him some detailed photos of the cage, and he has given it his blessing.

Since time is of the essence and we need this car to be perfect, we are going to let the guys at The Body Werks handle all the paint and body work on this project. We hope to have the nose to them before we leave for Monterey this week and the rest of the body to them shortly thereafter.

We are actively seeking original photos of this car to document more of its history. We would really appreciate any help, especially in finding a good underhood or interior picture, as we want to make this car look exactly as it did (except for the cage and safety gear) when it won the national championship in 1969.

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