Spitsix Reader
5/28/11 11:22 p.m.

Just got the Spitsix back from an extended stay at my friends body shop. Replaced DS quarter panel, both side inner/outer rockers and door bottoms. He made the mistake of telling me 20 years ago he fix it for material cost. I held him to it! It took 9 months and about $200, but it is home. I also fitted the wheel adapters and Miata rims but they will need some fine tuning. Still lots to do, but a big step!

TR8owner Reader
5/29/11 10:27 p.m.

I almost bought a Spit 6 project car a few months ago. Doesn't need much, but my wife still wants us to get a Jensen-Healey next.

What's the deal with adapters and Miatia wheels?

Spitsix Reader
5/30/11 7:16 a.m.

1" wide adapters that convert the 4x3-3/4 lug spacing to 4x100mm bolt pattern. The front wheel spacers will probably need to be machined off .25" if I keep the stock GT6 hood. Rears fit with my old style short axles but I will need to roll the fender lips. I need to get a spring spacer to lower the rear before I make that decision.

I picked up the adapters pre owned but never put on a car for $60.00 that included the tapered wheel nuts. The 14" Miata wheels cost me $50.00 for the set. Now I also have room for my Toyota 4 pistion calipers that where a little close for comfort on the TR7 wheels I had on the car.

I'll update with pics as I make advances.


ronbros Reader
5/31/11 5:05 p.m.

i donno how i should think of this post??

does it count if in 1953, i had a 1941 Ford coupe, that was painted flat black!!


Spitsix Reader
6/1/11 9:31 p.m.

Not much to think about. Flat black is flat black. Maybe it will get gloss paint in the future, but I plan to enjoy the car for now. Color count was reduced from 9 to 2 - so it was worth it. 41 Ford in flat black - welcome to the club! Scott

Tom Heath
Tom Heath Web Manager
6/2/11 3:13 p.m.

I'm at risk of ending up with a crusty but loveable (and worth saving) GT-6 soon.

I'm not sure what color it is now, I haven't seen pictures or anything. If it's as crusty as I'm told, I may join the gang too!

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