Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
8/23/18 12:18 p.m.

Want to know what McCall's Motorworks Revival 27th Anniversary Celebration was like? Look no further than their homepage, which proudly puts one quote front and center: "Gordon McCall's party is the kind of luxury lifestyle bash that causes financial advisors sleepless nights."

While the dazzling "Jet Party," as it's informally called, is still something to see when visiting the craziness that has become Monterey Car Week, you really need to come early in order to realize any value for your ticket price. The cheapest ticket–called the VIP ticket–cost $425.00 if purchased in advance, or $475.00 on the day of the event. Dedicated shoppers could drop up to $650.00 per person on fancier tickets.

Last year we reported that McCall’s Motorworks Revival had really stepped up the food and drink after receiving complaints the previous year. We also remember two hangars being open, which spread the crowds out a bit better compared to this year's single hangar (and provided a bit more elbow room).

This year we arrived at about 6:30 pm, and while we were stunned by the presentation of quality planes, outfits and automobiles, the lines were long and the food was scarce.

Yes–we saw lots of new and old friends, and stood amongst some of the coolest race and street cars on this earth. After a few hours, though, the hunger pains set in and we left to find some dinner.

The Jet Party is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the closest thing to an old-timey Bond Villian's party on the Monterey Peninsula. Should you see it? Absolutely–but you probably don't need to make it an annual event.

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