Per Schroeder
Per Schroeder SuperDork
1/5/05 5:11 p.m.

We installed a DIY fuel injection system on our Volvo 142 over the Christmas holiday. DIY is not the name of the company--it’s “Do it Yourself” and in this case, we used the very popular system called “MegaSquirt” for our Volvo. With the help of Volvo 1800 owner Steve Berry, we converted the carburetted car over to fuel injection and then used a MegaSquirt ECU and power relay board from Bowling and Grippo. Steve is starting to produce kits that make it easier to install MegaSquirt on older Volvos, you can check those out at 1800 Philes.

We used a bunch of parts from the DJet fuel injected volvos, including the fuel rail, fuel pump, fuel tank, intake manifold and coolant temperature sender. We are using a tuning program that’s written specifically for tuning MegaSquirt ECUs called “Megatune.”

It’s a great way to tune the engine using a Window’s based graphic user interface. We’ll be dynoing the car shortly with the help of our Innovative Technologies wideband oxygen sensor to extract the most power out of our car while maintaining driveability. We’ve actually got the oxygen sensor feeding information into the ECU and the Megatune program so we can tune the fuel curve and watch the effects on screen. It’s really sweet.

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