Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
8/18/09 1:10 p.m.

After some last-minute drama in our Monterey preparations, we were finally ready for Monterey. Luckily, the weekend proved to be full of good excitement--no more of the stressful kind we'd already experienced too much of.

Thankfully, the trip out to Monterey was uneventful. The GT6+ arrived Tuesday, towed by our Group 44 support van.

Once we unloaded the car and set up, we finally felt like we could relax and entertain the growing crowd surrounding the GT6+.

We were in full entertainment mode Thursday night at our annual Baja Cantina Monterey kickoff celebration. Peter Brock of BRE fame was a special guest this year, which made the party even more memorable. Monterey was shaping up to be a very nice week.

Practice and qualifying went well, too--nothing broke, blew up or fell off--so we changed the plugs, cleaned the car a little more, and readied our nerves for the feature race Sunday.

Once again, we enjoyed more good luck. The GT6+ looked great, posted consistent lap times, and made it back into the paddock safe and sound.

As Monterey wound down, we loaded up the car and made one last stop before heading back to Florida: We dropped by Jay Leno's garage, where he and his crew filmed the GT6+.

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AndreGT6 SuperDork
8/22/09 6:59 a.m.

I'm impressed you guys are running a full interior.

Nice too see what the setup looks like.


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