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Hidden away in several warehouses in Astoria, Queens, right across the East River from Manhattan, is an amazing collection of sports cars for sale. Whether it’s a pristine Gullwing or rusted-out Triumph, Gullwing Motor Cars founder Peter Kumar truly believes the age-old car dealer’s adage: There’s an ass for every seat.

But selling cars isn’t Kumar’s primary passion. He lives for the hunt, traveling all over this country looking for classic sports cars to drag home. In fact, on the day we visited, he was late. When he finally arrived, he was flushed with excitement: Just blocks from his facility he had found a low-mileage, pristine, original Rolls-Royce. It was his latest score.

That was Tuesday. He had already bought 11 cars that week, having just flown in from Texas, where he bought a Lamborghini that some eccentric owner had locked away in a storage container.

Kumar told us he’s on a plane at least once a week and has traveled to every state-well, almost every state, he adds, explaining that he’s never found a car in North Dakota. He has arrangements with shipping companies, but occasionally the cars don’t even come home with him, instead being sold and shipped away on the spot.

While Kumar has become somewhat infamous in our world for selling projects (and in some cases what can only be called parts cars), he also carries nice drivers and even some concours-quality machines. He gathers options for every taste and budget, and keeps the cash on hand to pounce when an opportunity arises.

“I will buy virtually every car I am offered,” he told us. “It just comes down to price.” He knows that for every Wall Street or dot-com billionaire, there are thousands of regular folks who just want to restore an MG T-series, Triumph TR or Jaguar E-type.

Gullwing Motor Cars
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mapleglen New Reader
2/8/19 4:22 p.m.

Mr Kumar was nice to work with. Many years ago I needed money to buy a Morgan. Put an ad in HMN  for a Healey 3000 that I wanted to sell. He called, made the deal, sent a truck up from the city, the driver paid me and I bought the Mog.  Quickest sale I ever made.

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