Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
2/14/19 10:50 a.m.

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Story by Tim Suddard • Photography by the Classic Motorsports Staff Unless Otherwise Credited

It’s a tough thing to admit: Although you really like driving your older classic, sometimes you don’t totally love the experience. Things just aren’t quite perfect.

The seats could be a little more comfortable. The car wanders a bit across the highway, too. And then there’s the fragrance of fuel that permeates the cabin on warm days. These issues are small, but they add up to a vague sense of unease associated with your classic. The result: More often than not, you find yourself reaching for the keys to your modern driver instead, leaving the classic to sit.

That’s where project car perfection comes in. To achieve it, you must complete that last 1 percent of sorting that separates a go-to driver from a piece of garage art. We recently set out to test-drive and perfect our entire fleet using these tips, and the endeavor has made our cars so much more pleasurable to both drive and look at.

Most of these fixes aren’t expensive, either. They’re just going to take some time and maybe a few basic tools. Summer is now upon us, so get that car out of the garage before the driving season passes you by.

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greggearhead Reader
2/15/19 11:03 a.m.

Along with aiming your headlights, I would recommend upgrading to H4 headlights, and possibly some LED brake light bulbs.  


H4 headlights in good quality can be had for cheap these days, and are much, MUCH better than old sealed beams.  

LED bulbs for the brake (and reverse) lights can really help people notice you are slowing down in your (usually smaller and lower) classic car.  Be aware, some bulbs work great, some don't put light into the reflector and don't work that well.  

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